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focus90™ is the place to do it.


Do you feel like some days you're in detention with notification spitballs and interruption punches?

Do you struggle to get things done and procrastinate until it goes from dormant, to smoking, to full-on blazes, and putting it off is no longer an option?

Think of Focus90 sessions like study hall instead. Scheduled quiet time with other people just like you who want to get caught up or ahead, so there isn't work to do after the bell rings to go home.

dedicated time

community support

less stress


how does it work?

Focus90 is a 90-minute Zoom session of dedicated time.

Sign in with cameras on and microphones muted.

Write in the chat what you plan to accomplish during the focus work sprint.

When the time is up, type in the chatbox what you completed.

High Five yourself.

It sounds ridiculous, but it works.

Focus90™ is hosted four times a month and includes a monthly bonus 25-minute Ask the Expert session.

All this for $19.99 per month! 

*Special Focus90™ days 1-2 times per quarter!

what's ask the expert?

Marcey at desk glasses

It's a 25-minute session once a month where you can ask Marcey or a special guest expert anything related to productivity, clutter, or health. Submit your question ahead of time, and if you're picked, you'll benefit from the same private coaching that they give their clients!

I attended one of Marcey’s “Ask the Expert” sessions and was lucky enough to have a question answered. I shared my struggles as a packrat with my personal e-mail (an account I’ve had for 14 years!). While affirming my predicament, she offered practical tips that helped me get rid of the stuff I don’t need, organize what’s left, and manage what arrives in the future. Now my inbox isn’t full of stuff that makes me feel guilty, and I look forward to checking my e-mail. I’m so pleased to be able to benefit from Marcey’s wisdom in this forum.

susan brumbaugh


tasks completed during focus90™:

We complete tasks we don't want to do or tasks that we never make time for. We complete what's urgent and requires focus. We tackle the icky stuff because doing them together makes it feel a little easier.

Tax returns


Book writing


LinkedIn posts


Marketing plans


Presentation design


Meditation (yep, you can even use it to make sure you meditate)

what they're saying

Today was my first formal setting of Focus90. I had tried on my own with mild success, but this one had a different feeling. I got more done, even with family in the home. I told hubby I had a meeting at 9am, left him to prepare for it, then I visualized you as my manager in her office to give it the office feel.

I did notice how often I get distracted, but pushing through it and completing the return was amazing.

zenobia lacabe


These Focus90 sessions are now a favorite part of my week. I think I can actually feel my brain changing! I so badly needed this repair to my fragmented focus.

Doing it with everyone else has made embracing change so much easier! With gratitude to you, I'll be going offline tonight with that precious empty space, the empty inbox, ready to welcome fresh challenges, tomorrow.

raya wasser

Senior Implementation Specialist & ProPartner Program Manager

I completed 80% of the pages I needed to. This was extremely helpful in letting me know how much time I need!
carrie yauch

Director of Sales and Marketing

If you need to work on tasks or fix things in your business (i.e. declutter, create a cloud system, process your emails, etc.) but you never make the time to do it, I highly recommend joining Marcey Rader's Focus 90 group. It's dedicated time to work on the things you tend to procrastinate on in “front” of other members. This has been one of the best investments for my business.

sylvia inks

Financial Coach

Having a clear goal stated and knowing everyone is working is the benefit of Focus90. I look forward to it every week.

liz rossilli

Account Executive

Nancy Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you. I love your playlist on Spotify and the Focus90 sessions have been so amazing. I got a little sidetracked this morning and started reconciling the bank account for January instead of actually doing the tax return, but I quickly got back on track.

It's true, I underestimated the time needed to work on the return, but I am still weeks ahead of where we normally are for our own tax return.

barbara wagner


“Dedicated, focused time to _____” is the task that consistently gets rescheduled (and eventually deleted) from my schedule. I know I need it, I know it’s invaluable, but everything else takes priority.

Doing a Focus90 session with Marcey, I accomplished a major task that had been on my To Do list for more than five months. I wrote the last big section of my book.

Having Marcey hold me accountable for what I wanted to accomplish in 90-minute work sessions gave me the dedicated, focused time I needed to finally cross “write 14 step-by-step instructions” off my To Do list.

Thank you, Marcey!

wendy gates corbett

Presentation Consultant

Even though you can't see what I'm doing, just knowing you're there adds just the right amount of urgency to my commitment.

sara shelp

VP of Accounting and Business Operations

Love the scheduled time when I know I don't have anything to do other than work on what I need to get done.

emily crookston

Ghostwriter and Editor

It seems simple … just block off some time for focused work on some project or initiative. But it turns out that it's more difficult than I think, and I struggle with it. Enter Marcey Rader and her Focus 90 sessions. It's super simple — schedule a 90-minute Zoom meeting, everyone has their camera on, put goals in the chat, and get to work. And then, at the end, type into the chat what I accomplished. Yes, it's simple, and it's powerfully amazing. I so look forward to these sessions, knowing that I'll get something important done (even if it's not urgent). I typically use this time for journaling (a priority that I often don't prioritize) and projects that I've been putting off or struggling with. Even better, I leave every Focus 90 session feeling great about what I accomplished and about myself. There's no secret sauce other than just do it. I encourage everyone to embrace Marcey's Focus 90 sessions. It's not magic, but it works, and my business and my life are better because of Marcey and Focus 90.
jeff nischwitz

Chief Snow Globe Shaker (speaker, coach, and facilitator)

who is focus90™ for?

You are a corporate professional. Your calendar gets swallowed up by meetings until that time you blocked for yourself to focus is now a 30-minute block on Friday afternoon (when you know you won't feel like working).

You are a business owner. You need to do those tasks you don't want to do or never make time for (thinking about marketing strategy? business development? cleaning out your inbox?).

You work from home. You want a sense of community. It's a little lonely, and seeing familiar faces working together pumps you up to get that thing done.

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