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Welcome to our curated list of the tools and services we stand behind for health-powered productivity. We have tested and/or currently use every recommendation on this page. Before diving in, we need to disclose that some of the links below marked with an * are affiliate links, which means that we'll earn a commission if you choose to purchase. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. We use these ourselves and recommend them regardless, but if we can earn a small commission, why not?



If you get nothing else, get a password manager! Generate, store, and confidentially share your passwords. Easily and securely pay via credit cards or bank account. Assign users to access your account in the event of injury or death. Click the link below for six months of free Dashlane for signing up!

Check out Dashlane*



Who have you phubbed lately? Stop phone snubbing (phubbing) at home or in meetings with a mindful phone holder. Look up and pay attention to your friends or colleagues. Check out my article about our Phone Free New Year's Eve using Bagby.

Check out Bagby*



The ease of email marketing and community list management far surpasses any program we've used before. They make it seamless to integrate with other programs and the tagging capabilities can't be matched.

Check out Convertkit*


We have four WordPress websites and Divi makes it simple to edit and make changes right on the page and see the updates in real-time. It's also packed with more than 100+ pre-made templates that you can easily import and edit to match your branding.

Check out Divi*


Write directly into Grammarly and see suggestions based on what you want to communicate – technical, business, casual, or creative language. Stop wasting time crafting the perfect email and let Grammarly do it for you.

Check out Grammarly*


Protect yourself from yourself by blocking social media and other distractions on specific intervals. Watch this interview on how Marcey Finds ‘Freedom’ from online distraction with Durham-made app.

Check out Freedom*

Inbox Pause


My favorite email extension! Boomerang allows you to pause your inbox and only see new emails when you are in processing mode. Set up specific emails or domains to always come through and never get paused. Great for those top-tier clients or contracts you're waiting for. You can also schedule emails to send later, snooze them to pop back up at a later date and see how likely you are to get a response.

Check out Boomerang


acuity scheduling

Scheduling tool for multiple types of appointments and locations. Easily syncs with multiple calendars and takes payment via Stripe or Paypal. We recommend hiring an Acuity Expert to help you set it up and then never go back and forth over email to schedule an appointment again!

Check out Acuity Scheduling *

Brain FM

We use during focus sessions, to wind down, and to get to sleep. Their science-first approach creates music that sounds different – and affects your brain differently–than any other music. Get in the zone!

Check out*



We use Canva for all of our marketing materials, newsletters, and proposals. We recommend the Pro version to have access to a full library of templates and elements to play with.

Check out Canva*



ClickUp is our project management system, where we house all our tasks and do 90% of our communication. It's an easy-to-use interface with one-stop shopping of tasks, docs, chat, and video, and that's just what we use! Their templates are fabulous, and the support is super responsive. Watch video on how we use it.

Check out ClickUp*


time timer

For anyone who wants to measure and manage time more effectively, the award-winning Time Timer® is an innovative visual timer designed to show the passage of time through the use of a patented red disk that disappears as time elapses. Popular for those with ADHD!
Check out Time Timer*
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Patent-pending combination of springy, breathable latex foam over supportive, pressure-relieving memory foam, that doesn’t cause you to overheat. Click the link for $50 off.

Check out Casper Mattress*

Dream essentials contoured eye mask

wild essentials contoured eye mask

Wild Essentials Contoured Eye Mask is our favorite mask. It doesn't lie flat against your face, so no wrinkles or crinkles (or messing up your makeup for mid-day naps!). Lightweight and adjustable. Watch the Product Review.

Check out Wild Essentials*

sleepphones breeze

acousticsheep sleepphones

Pajamas for your ears! Headphones and earplugs are uncomfortable and fall out of your ears. These SleepPhones are soft and cozy, with flat speakers to listen to your meditation, music, or white noise. Watch the Product Review.

Check out AcousticSheep SleepPhones*

sleepphones breeze

8 sleep

Based on your sleep data, this multi-award-winning mattress cover brings automatic cooling and heating to each side of the bed. Never again will you fight over the temperature in your room or wake up cold or sweaty! 

Check out 8 Sleep*.


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Marcey created the Jetsetter mobile gym kit for Rubberbanditz. It's fifty pounds of resistance in a 12-ounce bag. There are no excuses for not getting your swoll on when you travel! Watch the video.

Check out Rubberbanditz*



The FitDesk company has sit-to-stand desks, under-the-desk ellipticals, and bike desks. We use FitBike almost daily for reading, watching webinars, and processing emails. Watch the Product Review.

Check out Fitdesk* →


squatty potty

We all poo. Yes, even you. The Squatty Potty can help you get into a more natural position for easier bathroom time. Great for kids or short people who are in even more of an unnatural position. We recommend their Invisibrush and toilet spray as well.

Check out Squatty Potty*



Marcey is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Pre-Natal Group Exercise, Behavior Change Specialist, and Weight Loss Specialist. If you want a high-quality education, look no further. Let them know that Marcey Rader referred you!

Check out NASM


institute for integrative nutrition

Institute for Integrative Nutrition is one of the few comprehensive health-coaching programs and one of the largest in the world. Marcey is certified as an IIN Integrative Health Coach and Gut Health Specialist. Their program is geared toward bio-individuality and has a multi-faceted approach.

Check out IIN* →

calm logo


Calm is our favorite app for meditation, breathing exercises, and sleep stories. Non-intimidating with modules starting at two minutes! Check out the Poetry Pharmacy and the Sleep Whisperer.
Check out Calm


sedera medical cost sharing network

Self-insured or self-employed? Sedera is a membership-based non-insurance arrangement to share legitimate health care expenses between Members. Combined with my direct primary care, I feel confident in my health care access and choices.

Check out Sedera *


oura ring

The beautiful Oura Ring monitors your sleep (99.6% accuracy), heart rate and variability (98% accuracy), activity, and temperature. In the largest study performed during COVID, it detected nervous system changes up to 2.75 days before a person became symptomatic!

Check out Oura Ring


relationship hero

A healthy relationship is one key to a healthy, happy life. This convenient, online relationship coaching service matches you with a coach best suited to your needs.
Check out Relationship Hero.


charity miles

Why not raise money for charity while you're already moving your body? Better yet, raise money during walking meetings! This award-winning app supports over 40 charities and is perfect for teams to make an impact.

Check out Charity Miles


apollo neuro

This ankle or wrist device can help with your sleep, focus, and relaxation by activating the parasympathetic rest and digest response. It's not a tracker. It's a device that actually improves your resilience to stress! Marcey uses this every night before bed, while she is sleeping, when she first wakes up, and when she's in focus mode. Watch the Product Review.

Check out Apollo Neuro*


kytin parasole anti-fatigue slippers

Work from a standing desk? Put on these recovery socks and feel the difference in your back and hips at the end of the day. Marcey even travels with a pair in her suitcase! Watch the Product Review.

Check out Kytin

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subscription services



Instacart has saved us hundreds of hours in shopping since we started using it. Choose between multiple stores, shop in the app (or simply copy the previous order) and choose to have it delivered in as little as two hours, for just 10% of your bill! You would spend that in all the extra stuff you would buy in the store, wouldn't you?

Check out Instacart*


thrive market

Thrive Market is an online, membership-based market making the highest quality, healthy and sustainable products available for every budget, lifestyle, and geography. Marcey gets gluten-free products at a fraction of the cost of the grocery store.

Check out Thrive Market*

imperfect foods logo

imperfect foods

Groceries delivered right to your door! They take back your packaging so there is less waste and you can feel better about all those freezer packs. Imperfect Foods delivers fruits and veggies that are a little too small or big for retail sales. Lots of vegan options for meats and dairy and incredible customer service! Get $20 off your first box with the link below!

Check out Imperfect Foods*

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American Express

american express

Business Platinum Card – This is the best card to have if you travel for business! The annual fee has paid for itself with access to airlines clubs and special deals and rates. The customer service can't be beat and the heft and look of the card will make you feel like a fancy-pants!

Apply for an American Express Card with this link. We can both get rewarded if you're approved!

Check out American Express*

triplog mileage


We love using TripLog Mileage to track the miles driven for work, medical appointments, and charity. It's super easy with the TripLog Beacon that plugs into your USB drive or the bluetooth on your phone. Easy-peasy! Enterprise levels as well for company-wide tracking.

For a 20% discount use the code 233203

Check out Triplog*



You Need A Budget is Marcey's favorite budgeting software. It's super simple to use and ensures you put all your money in a bucket and everything is accounted for. She even uses it for her business budgeting as well. There isn't anything like it to help you keep track of your finances. Use this link to get a free month!

Check out YNAB*

travel guard

travel guard

We use Travel Guard for all our international travel or important trips. They make it easy and affordable to save yourself from what you think won't happen. Plane delayed and miss a day at the beach? They have you covered with a hotel and reimbursement for the day you missed.

Check out Travel Guard*

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want more?

Check the videos below for Marcey's Product Reviews.

hoolest verelief mini

The Hoolest VeRelief Mini provides rapid relaxation in circumstances of anxiety and helps you wind down to sleep at night. This tiny device only takes 4-6 minutes to bring about calm.

parasole shoes product review

The Parasole anti-fatigue slippers are a worthwhile investment for people who stand a lot. They claim to improve circulation, provide instant pain relief and relieve tired, achy, feet. Marcey loves using them with her standing desk to reduce the fatigue in her legs after standing all day.

crossrope jump rope product review

Marcey Rader reviews the Crossrope jump rope Get Lean set and Crossrope mat.

5-min journal product review

Marcey reviews her favorite gratitude and reflection app and planner. Used for years to start and end her day with positive vibes.

apollo neuro product review

Marcey Rader reviews the Apollo Neuro wearable device. It works by improving your body's resilience to stress by training your nervous system to bounce back more quickly from the fight or flight mode. She uses it to help with winding down before bed, to sleep, to wake-up, and when she is in deep focus mode.

effortless sleepphones
product review

I'm a big fan of the AcousticSheep SleepPhones, marketed as pajamas for your ears. When my corded version finally gave out after several years of almost-nightly use, rather than replace the cord, I decided to try the Effortless wireless version instead.

fitdesk bike desk product review

The FitDesk company has sit-to-stand desks, under-the-desk ellipticals, and bike desks. I use my FitBike almost daily for reading, watching webinars, and processing emails.

Use code MARCEYFREEMAT to receive a free mat on all bikes, under desk products and desks!

simple sleepphones product review

I'm a big fan of the Acoustic Sheep SleepPhones, marketed as pajamas for your ears. When my CLASSIC version finally gave out after several years of almost-nightly use, rather than replace the cord, I decided to try the Simple wireless version out instead.

acoustic sheep sleepphones product review

Pajamas for your ears! Headphones and earplugs are uncomfortable and fall out of your ears. These sleepphones are soft and cozy, with flat speakers to listen to your meditation, music or white noise.

cocoon grid-it product review

I love this Cocoon Grid-It to keep my peripherals organized.

If you like this review and want to purchase this product, please use the button below.

eazee mats standing desk anti-fatigue mat product review

I love this mat for the middle piece for stretching the fascia of your feet and the back raised edge for stretching your calves.

fitdesk sit-to-stand desk product review

Super easy to assemble, sleek, simple to adjust, and affordable.

Use the code MARCEYFREEMAT to receive a free mat on all bikes, under desk products and desks!

wild essentials contoured sleep mask product review

Wild Essentials Contoured Eye Mask is my favorite mask. It doesn’t lie flat against your face so no wrinkles or crinkles (or messing up your makeup for mid-day naps!). Lightweight and adjustable.

If you buy nothing else for your sleep, buy this. 

travel exercise equipment

Marcey Rader founder of RaderCo, author of Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior's Survival Guide, gives you the hacks you need to travel and exercise.

butterfly ergonomic non-flat anti fatigue standing desk mat product review

If you use a standing desk, this feels wonderful on your feet. The bonus knobby parts feel good and give you options.
I don't care for the butterfly shape or the big Butterfly on the back, but it's still a great mat for a standing desk.

jelt belt product review

It's TSA-friendly so no undressing at the airport. It's made of recyclable materials and has a cool gel grip inside so you don't even need belt loops! I need one in every color.


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