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what to expect

There are already over two million podcasts with over 48 million episodes… That's a lot to listen to!

Our Podcast episodes are short (two to twelve minutes) and posted twice a week. A tantalizing menu – purposely crafted out of speedy, simple offerings chock full of delicious content and easy-to-digest productivity tips, health hacks, and other morsels of Rader Co. goodness. Small bites (bytes) of big impact!

All so you can effortlessly start fitting us in to your day, lickety-split!

Listen while commuting to work, making dinner, or during any simple task like brushing your teeth or waiting in line.

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episodes will cover:



Team Burnout
Energy Management






Healthy, sustainable habits for you to incorporate into your life (cutting your coffee with Teeccino).

Practical, tailored tools for you to implement immediately (using Alexa to keep you from getting distracted with your phone).

Actionable ideas for leading your next team meeting (using Loom to provide context).

Dedicate just a few minutes a week-and start revitalizing your productivity, your health, and/or share these benefits with your team members! 

PRO TIP: Our episodes make great team meeting openers or closers.

Get ready to listen, learn, and grow with Rader Co.!

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