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I host my first meeting Monday and I’m listening to your podcasts which are incredibly helpful. So glad I met you so I could have these very relevant tools and resources for such a time as this!

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There are already over two million podcasts with over 48 million episodes… That's a lot to listen to!

Our Podcast episodes are short (three to fifteen minutes) and posted once per week. A tantalizing menu – purposely crafted out of speedy, simple offerings chock full of delicious content and easy-to-digest productivity tips, health hacks, and other morsels of RaderCo goodness. Small bites (bytes) of big impact!

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Team Burnout
Energy Management






Healthy, sustainable habits for you to incorporate into your life (using walking meetings to increase creativity and collaboration).

Practical, tailored tools for you to implement immediately (working offline or pausing your inbox to eliminate distractions).

Actionable ideas for leading your next team meeting (using Loom to provide context).

Dedicate just a few minutes a week-and start revitalizing your productivity, your health, and/or share these benefits with your team members! 

PRO TIP: Our episodes make great team meeting openers or closers.

Get ready to listen, learn, and grow with RaderCo!

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Episode 01: Healthier After 40
Episode 02: Overcoming Team Burnout
Episode 03: Focus Offline
Episode 04: Ten Essential Health Products
Episode 05: Duplicated Efforts are Costing You Money
Episode 06: Shorten Your Meetings with Pre-recorded Video
Episode 07: Virtual Home Studio Necessities
Episode 08: Limit Tabs for Greater Productivity
Episode 09: Parkinson's Law
Episode 10: All work and no play
Episode 11: No-Photo Vacation
Episode 12: Being App-crazy Isn't Productive
Episode 13: Rethinking Business Travel Nutrition
Episode 14: Rethinking Business Travel Exercise
Episode 15: Rethinking Business Travel Mental Health
Episode 16: Ten Essential Items for Travel
Episode 17: How to Eat healthy in a Hotel Room
Episode 18: Multitasking, Background Tasking, Hypertasking, and Switchtasking
Episode 19: How to Outsouce with Fiverr and Taskrabbit
Episode 20: Perfect Time to hire A VA
Episode 21: What Happened When I switched to LinkedIn Only.
Episode 22: Top Three Productivity Barriers
Episode 23: No-Task Fridays
Episode 24: Small Physical Changes with Big Impact
Episode 25: Small Nutrition Changes with Big Impact
Episode 26: Small Productivity Changes with Big Impact
Episode 27: Remote Couch Potato
Episode 28: Jeremy Torisk: Intermittent Fasting Saved My Life
Episode 29: How to Offboard an Employee Without a Hitch
Episode 30: Email Manifesto
Episode 31: Brainpicking
Episode 32: Rijul Arora – Monitoring Screen-Time
Episode 33: Stop planning your party and hire a Personal Assistant service
Episode 34: Information Input Experiment
Episode 35: Productivity Trends I Disagree With
Episode 36: Things I Used to Believe That I Don't Believe Now.
Episode 37: Why Reflections Matter at Milestone Moments.
Episode 38: A Fresh Take on Professional Development Funds
Episode 39: Embrace the Bottleneck!
Episode 40: How I Became DEBT-FREE at 46!
Episode 41: Why Companies Will Never Get Out of Email Hell
Episode 42: The Video You Wish You Would Have Had – Creating a Home Inventory
Episode 43: How I Declutter My Spaces Without Overwhelm
Episode 44: Intention Isn't Distraction
Episode 45: Trust and Working Remotely
Episode 46: Calendar Rejections
Episode 47: Video Office Hours for Managers
Episode 48: Business Tool Audits
Episode 49: How I Manage My Inbox
Episode 50: Three Productivity Tools I Don't Want to Live Without
Episode 51: How I Use A Personal Stylist
Episode 52: Using Rules and Filters to Shrink Your Inbox
Episode 53: You Don't Have to be a Business Owner to Hire a Virtual Assistant
Episode 54: Ten Staple Foods In My Kitchen
Episode 55: How to Have a Walking Meeting
Episode 56 Have a Meeting Where People Pay Attention
Episode 57 Guest Host Annie Franceschi Talks Branding Tips From Her New Book : Establish Yourself
Episode 58 Weekly Family Meeting
Episode 59 Phone-Free Friday Nights
Episode 60 Products For Sleeping I Don't Want to Live Without
Episode 61 Morning Routine