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Simplify the What-Ifs

Simplify the What-Ifs

While predicting every scenario is impossible, this comprehensive list helps ease the burden for those left behind. It ensures a smooth transition, prevents unnecessary expenses, and maintains your professional reputation even after you can no longer manage things directly.

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Creativity Through Discipline

Creativity Through Discipline

You might think I'm the “Discipline Guru,” thanks to Gallup's StrengthsFinder, placing it among my top five strengths. Add in my Type A (Awesome) tendencies, and you could say I'm a lover of routines and habits. However, let's put the spotlight on two very different groups of people I work with and see how discipline fits in their world.

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Say Goodbye to Screen Lunches

Say Goodbye to Screen Lunches

Growing up, many of us were no strangers to eating in front of the TV. Holidays might have meant gathering at the dining table, but on a regular day? The TV trays were up, and the screen time continued through the meal. Screen lunches were common. Fast forward to...

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