Month: September 2014
Marcey Rader RaderCo Productivity Business Coach and Professional Keynote Speaker
Shift Your Paradigm

Shift Your Paradigm

Do you find yourself saying…

You are an unorganized, tired mess.
There aren’t enough hours in the day.
I’ll never be fit.
I never get anything done on time.
When you continually tell yourself that you can’t do something or that you aren’t ‘that type of person’, you start to believe it.

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Think you don’t have time for an opportunity?

Think you don’t have time for an opportunity?

My schedule is crap. I have no time to exercise.
I have back to back meetings all day. Meditation is not an option.
People will think I’m weird.
I wear (insert here) high heels, a suit, glasses, underwear. The excuses are endless.
A lot of people have crap schedules but you can still find opportunities to move.

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