Will the Real Superman and Superwoman Please Stand Up?

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Superman and Superwoman

Who comes to mind when you think of someone that has it together?

The woman across the aisle who is beautiful, calm, stylish and has all the latest gadgets?

The man who runs a company, is 27 years old, has a perfectly-behaved dog and an immaculate house even though he travels 3 days a week?

Have you ever made up an entire story of someone in your head and made them perfect and invincible?

You elevated them to the Hall of Justice.

But it wouldn’t be real.

Because there is no Superman. There is no Superwoman.

I help private coaching clients be super men and super women, without thinking they  need to fill the shoes of a superhero.

Marcey-66_webDo I really think that you will leap tall buildings, shoot webs from your wrists, and wrestle a plane with a magic lasso?

Nah….but you can definitely have days where you feel like you’re kickin’ ass. You sleep well, get a great workout and meditation session in, get out the door calm, GSD all day and have a healthy, homemade dinner without the TV on at night.

That woman across the aisle? She feels overwhelmed because she has to carry a personal phone in addition to her company phone. The company phone won’t let her install apps on it and she doesn’t want to be tied to work on the weekends. She also feels insecure and overcompensates because she wants people to know she is where she is because she’s brilliant. Not just a pretty face.

The company owner? He misses his dog. His house is worth $30,000 less than what he paid for it and he feels like a fraud because as a new business owner, he has to carry on ‘as if’ and put up the façade that he is doing well financially, when in fact he’s just paying his bills every month.

Ok, Marcey, I get it. I’m projecting my fantasy on to other people. So what do I do about it?

One of my clients came to me and said she wanted to rebrand herself. I love that word. When you decide to rebrand you are saying ‘buh-bye’ to your kryptonite and shedding your skin of whatever you used to be.

You are rebirthing.

Finding new superpowers you didn’t know you had.

Leaping tall buildings? No, but maybe leaping over a giant log when you run your first obstacle race.

Shooting webs from your wrists? No, but maybe tackling your schedule so much that you have time to take a class in the evenings to learn your new superskill.

Wrestling a plane? No, but maybe wrestling a project and for the first time, getting it done two days early, not telling your boss and basking in all the time you have to actually see the city that you traveled to.

Have you ever thought that you might be the Superwoman or Superman that comes to someone else's mind?

It could happen.

If you want to see the potential of your superpowers, visit my coaching page to see if we might be a good fit.

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