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Revitalize and reset your team with tailored efficiency training, sustainable healthy habits, and coaching accountability.
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banish burnout and keep good people?

There's nothing tougher than leading a team that's on the road to burnout. You know what it's like. Maybe your team is tired of meetings, can't manage their inbox, and is overwhelmed with tasks. They need a combo of team norms and individualized support.

I bet your team is dedicated. Maybe so much they eat lunch in front of the computer almost every day and don't take enough recharge breaks and move. They may need more than just a motivational talk. Your team needs practical tools to reset their habits.


If this is how you're feeling, what if you could equip them with productive, healthy, sustainable behaviors that focus on group and individual habits? What if you could revitalize and empower them at every level?

Marcey's ability to engage with all levels of our organization was very impressive. She joined our leadership team during strategy sessions and provided valuable insight into areas that would be beneficial to focus on for increased productivity. She asked pointed questions to help us identify areas for growth and tailored her message and presentation for our All Hands meeting. She also provided a comprehensive and customized guide for our team to reference after the training.
The overall response from the team after Marcey's training was very positive. Her energy was infectious, and the tips and tricks she provided were very well received. We already see positive improvements.
tracy solomon

CEO, Tevet LLC

What about a unique workshop with health-powered steps they can implement immediately?

how does team training work?

At Rader Co., we specialize in customized interactions that instill healthy habits.

You're not hiring a speaker. You're hiring a problem solver. 

Initial Discovery Session to see if we're the right fit.
Productivity Scorecard to find out what issues really keep your team up at night or distract them during the day.

Meeting with leadership to discuss the strategy of where to focus the effort.

Tailored team workshop(s) with actionable steps.
Digital Go-To Guide with extra training and tips.

Virtual Ask the Expert session within 45 days to answer questions after they've experimented putting them into practice.

Individual private coaching sessions and 3 or 6-month packages for high-potentials or major players.

see it in action!

Check out these case studies to see results from companies that have experienced Rader Co.

team coaching success story

Team investment results in discovering individual and collective strengths.

virtual training team success story

Team investment results in reduced reactivity and the ability to unplug.

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individual coaching

Private coaching is a cornerstone of Rader Co. We deliver coaching based on each person's unique needs at the moment, not a cookie-cutter approach. Our top-tier specialists are ready to work together behind the scenes to equip your crew with the habits, guardrails, tools, and confidence they need to move forward. Sessions are offered over Zoom, with daily access and accountability with the coach using the HIPAA-compliant Nudge app.

Marcey and Janet
I've always been a high-performer, working at two-hundred percent, 100% of the time. I've grown fast in my career, and I cannot imagine going through another year without the skills, tools, and habits Marcey has taught me. I will continue to reach new heights, but now I'll be able to do it SMARTER. I finally feel like I can work well and play well…and that's not marketing speak
jessica kline

Associate Director, Internal & Brand Communications

holistic, self-paced training


For team members who desire training in all aspects of their lives – productivity, clutter, and health both at work and home – we have the online Work Well. Play More! Masterclass. A year-long program with recordings and resources in levels for novice, pro, and master. Monthly access to Marcey Rader in the Ask the Expert session to ask her any question they have as they move along the program.

I absolutely LOVE being in the masterclass. You have been an inspiration for me in so many ways this past year. Thank you for everything you have done and inspired me to do!
katie herrick

Senior Manager, Patient Services

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