team experiences a change from 47% email reactivity to 0 in six months!

“Focus on my work based on my priorities.”

“I've been doing well with OHIO – Only Handling It Once. It's made a difference and helps me focus on my work based on priorities and not based on my inbox.”

S.R. Research Epidemiologist

sound like a dream?


A team of nineteen people from an international non-profit wanted to learn how to communicate meaningfully and productively while focusing on the tasks that moved the needle. They invested in a 45-minute Email Extinguisher virtual training session with RaderCo. Marcey Rader had performed two lunch-and-learn sessions on Email Extinguisher at the company, and they were intrigued by how this could help their team. The team was in California and had a few remote workers, so virtual training was ideal.

RaderCo sent a Productivity Scorecard to see where the team struggled with their email and the most significant pain points. Marcey performed a 45-minute remote session and asked each person to make one commitment to change within the next thirty days. She then resent the Productivity Scorecards on days 30, 90, and 180 from the time of the training.


Marcey focused on email reactivity, treating email like a task, streamlined communication, and optimized workflow settings. She scheduled check-ins that gave insight into what they were struggling with, and her personal feedback helped them along the way.


The results of the scorecard speak for itself. Before the webinar, 47% of people suffered from email reactivity and telepressure most of the time. In 180 days, that number was zero! Initially, 57% processed email as a task rather than reacted. In 180 days, over 90% of the team used this method. Initially, no one had a system for RSS feeds or newsletters, and 45% had one in six months. Lastly, 47% of people could entirely unplug on a day off before the training. In six months, that number was up to 86%. Studies have shown that employees who can disengage come back to work more productive and energized fully.

All of this came from one 45-minute virtual training! Seventy-three percent of the team agreed that they experienced a difference in team communication after taking the course.

Investing in the RaderCo Email Extinguisher virtual training has proven to be worthwhile for this team. To see the full scorecard results, click here – Productivity Scorecard Summaries.

“The training gave me pause about how much I've given over control of my work life to be in responsive mode.”

A. M.

Senior Research Epidemiologist

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