team investment results in simplifying their personal lives and gaining control over their inboxes.

Office of the External Affairs


When Executive Director, Leslie Nelson, wanted to build her team and connect more meaningfully, she turned to her group of 10 for suggestions. They had been having book club meetings and the usual office birthday lunches. However, as soon as Leslie floated the idea of bringing in a productivity coach to help the team work through core issues applicable at work and home, they were eager to get started.

The team, which is in charge of fundraising for the hospital, actually chose to redirect the budget for the lunches and parties and invest in themselves. It was a really creative way to come up with the money.

Over the course of 11 months, Marcey offered five team workshops custom-designed to fit participants’ needs. She also had monthly private coaching sessions with Leslie and her three front-line fundraisers.


Having spoken with other productivity companies, Leslie was used to “pie in the sky” claims and abstract generalities. When she talked to RaderCo, though, things were different.

” From the moment I first talked to Marcey, I knew she was the perfect fit for our office. Her recommendations were timely and so important for our group.”
LESLIE NELSOn, President, UNC Health Foundation

In their first conversation, RaderCo brought concrete ideas, modules, and examples to discuss what would work well for the team. In addition to leading by example, Leslie wanted to demonstrate that she valued her team’s improvement and that their struggles at work and home were important to her. RaderCo helped Leslie drive home the message that finding the right work/life balance is key to success.


Leslie firmly believes that any effective productivity coach should also walk the walk.

“At first, we all looked at Marcey and thought there was no way we could do what she was doing, but we quickly realized Marcey doesn’t do anything that she wouldn’t also recommend that we do”

One of the many things that has stuck with Leslie and her team is the email process Marcey encouraged them to implement. “Now, I sit down and process 200 emails when I’m focused on them, instead of doing it one at a time throughout the day, and it saves me so much time,” said Leslie.

The team agrees, “Marcey was extremely helpful in showing me how to clean out my inbox! I had over 6,000 emails, and she taught me a better system for cleaning these up and keeping my inbox to 30 emails or less,” said Anna Lee Clark, Director of Development Operations.

Beyond being more productive at work, RaderCo helped the team find ways to simplify their personal lives and feel more successful overall.

“Marcey helped me realize that I do not have to excel at all things. I should prioritize what’s most important and learn to accept help. Since her sessions with us, I started using a home chef service, removed notifications on my phone and computer, and learned how to designate time to focus on my area of expertise without disruption,” said Keela Lyon, Associate Director of Development.

Bringing RaderCo in to work with the team has proven to be a great investment.

“Everyone has commented about how much working with Marcey and RaderCo has helped them. We just went through our annual review process, and everyone on the team mentioned RaderCo as one of the highlights. We still talk about Marcey. Her name comes up quite frequently in conversation. I’m personally so grateful.”

Leslie Nelson

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