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Marcey Rader Featured in Training Edge Magazine!

Marcey Rader Featured in Training Edge Magazine!

Training Edge Magazine, a quarterly electronic and hard copy magazine for fitness professionals developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, featured yours truly in an article about niche training (pages 3 and 11!). What’s my niche? Business travelers, mobile professionals and anyone who doesn’t sit at a desk from 9-5. Why? Because I’ve lived that life. I traveled weekly for almost eight years and then traveled a few times a month for another three. I understand that traveling for a business isn’t a job it’s a lifestyle.

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The Pressure of Working Mobile

The Pressure of Working Mobile

I’ve often thought about how hard it must be to have a career as a pilot or military personnel and have constant pressure to maintain health. Still, the traveler part of me can empathize because they are in one of the toughest jobs a person can be in when it comes to maintaining or improving health. They have to undergo routine exams to prove they are healthy, but what if they aren’t? Wouldn’t you be scared to get examined if you thought you might have a blood pressure problem and it might affect whether or not you can go in to work that day?

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