The Pressure of Working Mobile

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Have you ever been delayed at an airport because of weather and had to try to find a healthy meal at the two excuses for restaurants in the terminal?

Have you ever intended to exercise when you arrive at your hotel but because the shuttle was delayed or the car rental counter line was a mile long, it was 10:00pm by the time you checked in and you still hadn't even eaten dinner?

What if working mobile and staying healthy was your J-O-B?

I spent years trying to figure it out.  How to eat, how to sleep, how to exercise while traveling weekly in the corporate world for almost a decade.  Having a degree in Exercise Science certainly helped.  I was able to not only stay healthy but improve my health and fitness until I was competing in ultra-endurance events, even competing in two Ironman triathlons during my heaviest year of travel. I stayed healthy for fun but what about people who have no choice and may lose their job if they don't stay healthy?

For example, I've often thought about how hard it must be to have a career as a pilot or military personnel and have constant pressure to maintain health. Still, the traveler part of me can empathize because they are in one of the toughest jobs a person can be in when it comes to maintaining or improving health. They have to undergo routine exams to prove they are healthy, but what if they aren't? Wouldn't you be scared to get examined if you thought you might have a blood pressure problem and it might affect whether or not you could go in to work that day?

Beyond health, I always think about productivity.  Part of the lifestyle of being a biz traveler is that you can't do the things non-travelers do when they are at home during non-working hours, i.e. laundry, prepping and cooking meals, running errands, cleaning the house, paying bills. Continually trying to hack my way into simplification and learn about how to streamline my travel to make my home life better led me to getting certified as a Productivity Specialist. Like I always say, I don't believe you can be healthy without being productive or productive without being healthy!

How do YOU stay healthy and productive on the road?

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