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Marcey Rader RaderCo Productivity Business Coach and Professional Keynote Speaker
Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior’s Survival Guide!

Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior’s Survival Guide!

Business travel isn’t part of your job. It’s a lifestyle.™
By the time I got off the plane at almost 1:00pm EST, I felt like someone had taken a hammer to my head while there was a wild animal eating its way out of my stomach, and, of course, I was supposed to drive directly to work at a site visit with my manager. In that moment, I knew that if I was going to survive in this business, I had to get it together. My travel, my nutrition, my exercise, my sleep, and my work had to be very focused.. There could be no more Marcey-induced spontaneity if I was going to have any hope to not end up a fat, frazzled business traveler that looked ten years older than I was, and burned out after two years on the road.

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