Should you can your workout or your emails?

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I'm not sure what kind of workout to do.
I don't know how many reps, sets or the speed.
I think individual responses to every email is thoughtful.
Why use your brainspace? Can it.

I've written before about systems and how they can be sexy.

Think about what you do repeatedly. Write it down and outline the process. What issues keep coming up or what excuses do you keep creating? What frustrates you most about the task?

Here are a few examples for canning your issues.

  • Client follow up: Don't try to remember to follow up with someone. Use a CRM with a reminder, like Streak, that lets you set an email reminder pop-up based on an email that you sent. If I'm reaching out to someone for the first time, I may set a reminder with two clicks to follow-up with that person in one week. The email I sent automagically pops up and I can just reply to that one. 
  • Canned responses: This goes beyond customer service. Canned, template or snippet emails are a HUGE time saver. I use snippets (Streak-speak) for instructions to share programs, information on standing desks, testimonial requests, video samples, my bio, instructions for the Health and Productivity Scorecard and costs for my services. I recommend creating snippets or responses for unhappy customers (because your emotions are high), common change requests, steps for a project, thank yous for blah blah blah or appointment reschedules. Being consistent is good for your clients.
  • Template your workouts: It's best to mix up your workouts. I don't have the same routine week after week. However, when I'm not feeling creative, I have a few standard workouts that I know are simple, intense and take less than 30 minutes. It's better to do the same workout that you know you like (although maybe not on consecutive days) than just chuck it. If you still like doing the Jazzercize video from 1992, jazz it up. Deciding on your workout that day shouldn't be a chore.

What are you going to can to ease up your time?

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