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struggling to build healthy habits, dump distractions, and boost productivity at home?

I've worked remotely since 2001 and know it can be a blessing and a curse. Check out these podcast episodes to work well remotely!
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We specialize in building healthy behaviors in your team through a needs assessment, customized training, follow-up, and support. We're your one-stop shop for health-powered productivity!

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time timer

If you want to measure and manage time more effectively, the award-winning Time Timer® is a visual timer designed to show the passage of time through a red disk that disappears as time elapses.

Check out Time Timer*



The FitDesk company has sit-to-stand desks, under-the-desk ellipticals, and bike desks. We use FitBike almost daily for reading, watching webinars, and processing emails. Watch the Product Review.

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anti-fatigue slippers

Work from a standing desk? Put on these recovery socks and feel the difference in your back and hips at the end of the day. Marcey even travels with a pair in her suitcase!  Watch the Product Review.

Check out Kytin

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