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What makes a healthy home office? Proper ergonomics is a given as is natural light and temperatures you can control. Step inside my office to see what I use to stay healthy (which also means more productive)! (And please excuse the COVID hair)

Items for my healthy home office.

FitDesk Bike Desk* – I've lost count of how many people have purchased these since COVID started. I use mine to watch webinars, attend meetings as a participant, read, and practice my Spanish. Use the code MARCEYFREEMAT for a free under-desk mat at, or you can buy it on Amazon.

Hoop – I make my hoops, so I have them in different sizes and weights. The lighter and smaller they are, the harder to hoop. You can buy these online.

Sit stand desk photo

Sit-Stand Desk* – This two-level desk has a hand crank that I can move up and down, but with all my tech on it, I just keep it stationary and use my leaning stool if I need to give my legs a break.

Portable standing desk – You can purchase several lightweight versions online or check out the one from FitDesk*. I take mine to the park, coffee shops, and on trips. If you have other family members at home, trade off who gets to use it at different times. And please include your kids. They can get glute amnesia, too!

Blue Ray Blocking Glasses* – If you work on a computer, you must get blue-ray blocking glasses to protect your eyes and help with eye fatigue. These are also gaming glasses; you can even get them without a prescription. Zenni Optical has affordable, fun glasses with and without a prescription.

Custom illustrated cards – I send cards on Fridays for my AAA theme – Admin, Accounting, Appreciation. Giving gratitude or sending a ‘thinking of you' card makes me happy and the other person. Science shows it contributes to happiness and well-being. I purchased custom illustrations from artist Lisa Wood and had them printed with Vistaprint.

Thank You Card Illustration
Marcey's Thank You Cards

Standing desk mat* – No matter what floor you have, a desk mat can help prevent leg fatigue. I am barefoot at home and stand on mine all day. Check out my reviews below.

Butterfly Ergonomic Non-Flat Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat
EazeeMats Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mats

Evoluent mouse – I use an ergonomic vertical mouse to help prevent wrist problems. I've had it for over a decade and have never experienced an issue.

Air diffuser – I have a couple of these, one in the bedroom and one in my office. I like InnooCare* because it has a timer, and I don't accidentally leave it running all day.

Essential Oils – I like to diffuse essential oils for at least an hour a day and change it up depending on what I need – energy, relaxation, focus, etc. I like the Doterra brand.

Brain.Fm – I use binaural beats with headphones to help me focus. I like, video game music, or my own playlist I created on Spotify.

Ergonomics, proper lighting, utilities, and taking your space seriously often get overlooked when you work from home. Incorporating even one or two of these into your office setup can improve your health and productivity. Just because you don't have a separate room and work from the kitchen table doesn't mean you can't use a portable standing desk. If you're sharing space with your spouse or kids, you can still diffuse oils and buy blue-ray-blocking glasses for everyone. 

What one purchase or step can you make your office healthier?

Items marked with an * are affiliate links which means I make a few coins off your purchase at no extra cost to you.

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