Work Well to Play More With Friends!

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Work Well

December was a crazy busy month for me. I had a lot going on with my business, was trying to wrap up my book for editing, preparing to go to Indiana for a week and had several doctor appointments. My awesome, amazing, Hoopgal Lish was playing phone tag with me. I think I postponed via text three days in a row.

On day four she sent me a text and said it was no rush, just a check-in call, and I could touch base after the holidays. I wanted to let her know I was thinking of her and snapped a photo of my calendar and task list. She was right there at the top!

While it took me longer than I would have liked to get back to her, I actually do have random tasks on my calendar to call family and friends. Why? It’s too easy to forget and that’s how people start to slip-slide away and lose touch.

Putting personal tasks like calling people or visiting friends on your list isn’t impersonal. I’ve been told by several of my friends that I’m really good at getting people together and maintaining relationships. That’s because it’s really important to me, but also because I actually make time for it. I make sure I see at least one friend socially every week.

Working smart to have more time being with the people you love, laugh and hoop (!) with is important.

Assignment: Add a task on your calendar in the next week to call a friend and set a date (coffee, Google Hangout, dinner) to reward yourself for working smart this week. You’ve Worked Well. Now go Play More!


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