Video Star Needs Her Hangry Snacks!

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Hangry Snacks Marcey Rader On Location

I have a new respect for models, actresses, production staff, cameramen, videographers and the person who says ‘take' (whatever that job is called). Last month I had the pleasure of working with Adverscan Mobile Media to create web commercials.

You'll notice some of the new videos on my YouTube Channel as well as my home page.  The day was long but rewarding. This is an industry where a lack of organization will put you in the toilet fast. There are time constraints, issues with room size, weather….the list could go on and on. Why am I writing about it in my blog? Because it's good to have a back-up plan and to be adaptable to change when something out of your control happens. Flight delays, hotel room service closed, no WiFi or cellular service. All of these things can lead to disaster or can just be an annoyance, depending on your attitude.

What was super important for me that day? Hangry snacks! We ran about two hours later than we thought we would, but thankfully I had packed my snacks. If I hadn't, I may have been irritable, tired, and rushed to get the videos done. Do you have your Hangry snacks packed for the week in your car, luggage, purse or laptop case? Don't rush your time with a client or make a gesture to the car beside you that you aren't proud of.

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