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Do you have a hard time sleeping on the road or at home?
Did you know that light and noise can affect your sleep even when you don't consciously notice?
BONUS! Do you end up throwing away unused cosmetics?

I recently put up three product reviews for items I consider to be staples. By staples, I mean if I were to lose one or accidentally shrink it in the washing machine I would be on Amazon ordering another one that day. Yes, that very day.

First is the Dream Essentials Contoured Eye Mask. Use CodeMR250406 for 25%off. Stop using those cheap eye masks that are too tight or leave wrinkles and crinkles on your face. The contoured eye mask sits up off of your eyes and is super-comfy. Bonus if you are female and you need it during the day. It won't mess up your eye makeup. Aren't you worth $10?

Next is the Acoustic Sheep Sleepphones. OMG. These are so soft and come in different sizes, so you don't have to worry about it being too tight. Earbuds hurt my ears to sleep in, and ear plugs eventually fall out. These pajamas for your ears have flat speakers. The cord is super long, so I can plug it into my phone and place it away from me on my nightstand. I listen to my Calm.Com app on Deep Sleep Release to help me relax. In hotels, I'll leave it on all night in rain mode to block out the plumbing, elevators, and doors slamming.

Bonus for the ladies, the Stowaway Cosmetics review. LOOOOVE! These tiny little gems fit in your pocket and are right-sized. I don't like to waste things, but I also don't wear a ton of makeup, so it goes bad before I finish it. I'm also a closer, and won't open anything new until I've finished what I already have, which means not trying new things as much as I would like. Enter Stowaway! It's high-quality, gluten-free, cruelty-free and abides by the EU standards for cosmetics, which blows away the US standards. Europe bans 1,300 items in cosmetics. We ban 11. Yes, I'm serious. They also have a recycling and subscription service (and you know I am all about subscriptions!). Lastly, I sent a chat message asking a question and the CEO herself chatted with me! Warm fuzzies for supporting a small business and for getting to give the CEO high fives and fist bumps for such great products!

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