Ten Essential Travel Products

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There are a lot of different things I could live without when I travel, but I don't want to. Here are the ten essential travel products I use on the road. 

  1. Sleep headphones. Hotels are noisy. Toilets flushing, people talking loudly in the halls. I can't handle the noise and earplugs annoy me. I discovered AcousticSheep SleepPhones* years ago and LOVE THEM. I recently upgraded from my corded Classic sleepphones to the Simple and then again to the Effortless. This way I can use them for running as well. Click here for the review for the Classic version. Click here for the review for Simple. Click here for the review for Effortless.
  2. Sleep Mask. Any light can be disruptive to sleep. The photoreceptors on our skin can detect light in our room, and pure darkness puts us in the best state. Since hotel curtains never shut entirely and there is light coming in from under the door, I wear a sleep mask. My mask of choice is the super affordable Wild Essentials Contoured Eye Mask (buy on amazon*). It doesn't lay flat on your face (it's a bra for your eyes!), is adjustable, and lightweight. Click here for the review.
  3. Meditation app. Calm.com has hundreds of meditations, sleep stories, music tracks, and masterclasses. I have an anxiety issue when I can't sit on the aisle. It's a little ridiculous, but also serious. I'm not just being a diva. They have several off-line meditations just for plane anxiety. I use this to keep me calm (no pun intended!).
  4. Travel chopsticks. I eat with chopsticks as often as possible at home because it slows me down and makes me feel fancy. For travel, I use the Titaner Titanium Foldable Chopsticks*. I pull these out to avoid plastic ware or picking things up with my hands on the plane.
  5. Magnesium. I don't recommend many supplements, but I feel completely safe recommending magnesium. About half of the US and European populations are deficient, and we need it for over 600 reactions in the body. Taking it in the evening can help with sleep and also contribute to a healthy poo in the morning. Admit it, you get hotel constipation, too, right? I like Natural Calm* packets to travel without the mess. Magnesium glycinate is the best for sleep, but all magnesium has a relaxing effect.
  6. Cleaning wipes. Any kind will do. Pre-COVID people would snicker at me when I would wipe down the plane seat and lap tray (did you know they only cleaned those things once daily, if at all?). Now it's not so funny. Don't forget yours!
  7. Laptop backpack. As a professional speaker, the eBags Pro Slim Junior laptop backpack is THE. BEST. BAG. EVER. I can count eight other speakers who use this backpack. There are just enough pockets (too many and things get lost), padded areas for your laptop and tablet or e-reader, a holder for your drink, and outside pockets to stow your passport and global entry card for easy access. 
  8. e-Reader. I don't go anywhere without my Kindle Paperwhite. I like the paperwhite because it's easier on the eyes and terrible to go online with so I don't get tempted. If I had to get a new one, I would pick the Oasis* model because it's waterproof and has an amber lighting option to cut down on eye strain.
  9. Portable standing desk. There are many affordable, lightweight versions of portable standing desks. I've been using the StandStand bamboo model for over five years and wrote most of Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior's Survival Guide on the desk while on the road or at a state park!
  10. Travel charger. I like the Belkin 3-outlet USB travel charger. Even when my husband and I are traveling together, it's easy for us to both charge our devices. I also use it in airports when there isn't a USB port available.

There you have it. Ten things I can't live without when I travel. What can you not live without when you hit the road?


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