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Baby or bold steps?

Baby or bold steps?

You are ready to make a change.

Do you start by baby stepping your way into exercise with five minutes at a time or do you sign up for a 10k race six months from now?

Do you start by turning off your email and checking every hour or go from constant notification to twice a day?

Knowing your habits and the performance and outcome goals will determine whether that step should be baby or BOLD.

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Automate to Keep Your Willpower Bucket Full

Automate to Keep Your Willpower Bucket Full

You enter your kitchen after a long day and go straight to the refrigerator for the most convenient, fastest, processed thing you can get to put in your piehole. There is no way you have the energy to even THINK about what to eat.

You stand at the ice cream/cupcake/bakery for several minutes before deciding on the flavor because the choice overload is too much. Then you get the same kind you always do in defeat.

You’re asked to sign a contract that you are a little nervous about at 4:30pm on a Friday. You default to the status quo and just decide to decline the contract.

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