Super Organized or Organized Enough?

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Organized Pantry

Often people expect me to be super organized, but I'm organized enough.

They think when they open my pantry that everything will be labeled and facing the same way Sleeping With the Enemy style. They expect that I have an inbox full of folders and never miss a birthday. I am very organized, but I think for some people the act of organizing is a mask for procrastinating.

Are you spending an extra hour hyper-organizing or could you spend it doing something more productive? I think there needs to be a balance. At some point, there are diminishing returns for spending your time organizing and making things ‘just so’.
Back in the day, before there were smart phones, before there were flip phones, we had actual cameras.  Flip phones took crappy photos but then came the iPhone.  The current iPhone takes great photos and for most people, the quality is ‘good enough’.  A true photographer is probably going to use a real camera but it’s also their business.  I think there is a level of organization that is also ‘good enough’.  Good enough means that you feel comfortable, productive, don’t waste time looking for things and it doesn’t affect people in a negative way.
Next time you want to spend Saturday organizing your closet (and I’m not against that) ask yourself if it is going to help you or if you are just procrastinating from doing something else. Is this going to make you feel better? If the answer is ‘Yes’ go for it. If the answer is ‘No’, I just don’t want to be doing what I really should be doing, it’s time to rethink that strategy.
Not sure how this affects you personally? Give me a shout. I’m happy to help you get ‘good enough’, great, or even awesome. 🙂


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