Shorten your meetings with pre-recorded video.

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Are you working longer days because your work hours are filled with meetings? Do you multitask because what's being said isn't all relevant to you? You can shorten your meetings with video; I don't mean Zoom!

According to the Anatomy of Work Index 2021, productivity will decrease in 2021 due to long workdays. Why? People are in meetings so much more and using the evenings to catch up. Because we can't have casual chats face to face, we schedule an appointment instead. That informal chat may have been less than five minutes. Still, no one plans a 5-minute meeting, and hardly ever does anyone call anymore. When I call one of my clients, they sometimes respond via text if they can't answer the phone to ensure nothing is broken or something hasn't happened. They aren't used to getting phone calls anymore.

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My team and I eliminate unnecessary meetings using Loom software (free and paid versions) for anything under five minutes. Instead of hosting a meeting to explain something, I record a video, show changes I want in a document, or describe a process. I create a Loom video and share my screen, talking through it with them. 

Here's an example: How to find a document in Google Drive. (ignore the sound of my essential oil diffuser in the background!)

I created this because a Team Specialist had difficulty locating a file I had shared with her. Since I didn't personalize it, I can use it for anyone with this issue. I also like that I can speed it up to 1.5 and listen faster.

I created a series of Outlook Quick Tips for one client with Loom. They could download the videos and host them on their Microsoft Teams site. 

We no longer have a company manual. Instead, we store all our processes in our ClickUp project management system. Many of those processes have accompanying videos. I ask my team members to create videos for the things they own to fill in if they are out sick or on vacation.

Examples of some of our videos:

Processing Marcey's email: I can use this to walk through my emails and how I want them processed. This way, any member of my team can complete this task.

Exporting Enrolled Users in Podia: My Technical Specialist created this so any team member can do it without waiting for her.

Sample Conference Application: I walked through how to complete a conference application and find all the submission materials.

Audible book distribution: Steps to deliver Audible books to my clients.

How to Complete the Team Specialist Coaching Sheet: Instead of training each new Team Specialist, I only have to send them this video.

Before a team call, I'll often send a video giving context to something we will discuss so they all have time to process it and think about it before we meet. One of my clients said it would have been a great addition to her meeting about their annual goals before they met, saving them time since they would have had a chance to think about them.

My friend Lilly Ferrick uses Loom to replace long emails to clients. If it's informative, it's a 3-minute limit. She also uses Loom for training. It prevents the need for a live person to do it. In-person training time is reserved for questions and clarification.

I'm in the Run Like Clockwork Accelerator and Continuum program. They use Loom in the same way and for our group coaching. They don't have to continue to say/show the same thing every month. They can just link to the Loom videos.

Experiment with Loom or another quick-capture video program to shorten your meetings. Create a few training videos or pre-meeting context. Keep it neutral without greetings so that it can be evergreen and used over and over.


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