Reports? Meditation? Invoicing? Biking? Why listicizing your health should always be prioritized.

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Do you create a list for your job but not your health? Is it because you're such a health hero that you don't need reminded? Well, kudos to you Superhero! I've been focusing on my health for 21 years and I still have to remind myself just to breathe.

Listing tasks to exercise, prep or pack a meal, meditate or take a 5 minute energy break is just as important as your tasks to return a phone call, schedule a trip or call American Airlines to find out if they found your luggage.

Health tasks are not optional. You can correct a report. You can find a receipt. Most likely if you missed one of those things it wouldn't matter a month from now. What you do every day for your health does matter.

The healthier you are the more productive you are. The Centers for Disease Control states that unhealthy employees call in sick or use vacation time due to illness (and who wants to do that?) Health problems cause the U.S economy 260 billion a year in lost productivity – ouch!

But statistics like that mean nothing. What does mean something is putting on your task list to perform activities that feel good. Don't just keep moving them around on the task list. As far as exercise, meditation or sleep goes, you can't push it forward until the next day. You either do it or you don't. If you're listicizing you DO it.

Health tasks I listicize:

  • Food Prep on Sundays –  I spend one hour on Sundays prepping, cooking, baking and brewing Kombucha and Teeccino for the week.
  • Hoop Dancing – I practice skills at least five minutes a day. This also serves as a great energy break. I travel with my hoop as well – have you seen me hooping at an empty gate in the airport?  🙂 I keep track of my streak on and have hooped 79 times since I started keeping track.
  • Meditation – Even though I have meditated 265 times since I started tracking, with my longest streak 148 days, I still have to remind myself to do it! This is how I generally like to start my official work day or end a morning workout but I also will do two minute meditations before client calls to get focused. I highly recommend the app. Even doing a two minute session before that report you are procrastinating on will help get you in the mindset. 
  • 10 by 10 – This is my challenge on I exercise 10 minutes by 10am every day. I've done it 213 days since we started on January 1 and my longest streak is 76 days.


What health tasks do you plan to start listicizing? 

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