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Local to the Triangle and Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill-Cary area? We're your productivity go-to!

we love our local clients!

If your company is near Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, we can save money on travel for your team training.

If you're a private coaching client, we can meet in person during some of our sessions to get that face-to-face contact that can make all the difference.

Look to us as your productivity experts to build the business or climb the ladder without sacrificing health and relationships (and maybe while enjoying a local coffee).

Marcey often meets clients and provides training at Raleigh Founded in Gateway Plaza.

What Triangle Clients are Saying about

marcey rader

The price of bringing Marcey on board was worth it for the first session alone when she transformed how I deal with email. Instead of leaving emails cluttered up in my inbox, waiting to get lost in the deluge, she taught me a quick and systematic method to convert emails to “tasks” and schedule them at a logical time. With this system, I no longer had to keep separate lists and schedules to ensure things got done. She also helped me clean up my folders to a manageable number and learn when to stop saving emails I didn't need after I read them. I immediately started getting more done, prioritizing more effectively, and stopped worrying about dropping the ball.

matt bailey

President, Integr8 Research

Marcey's love and passion for what she does shine through in how she shows up in her work and life. Her enthusiasm and no-nonsense attitude truly set her apart. She elevates the energy in the room every time! The comprehensive information she provides can be applied immediately, so you walk away knowing what to do, and the plan and action steps to put in place. Marcey's work is always top-notch, and she genuinely cares about the success of her clients and their business.

noelle ybarra

Wellness Program Manager, RTI International

Marcey is an engaging speaker who is an expert at optimizing productivity in a healthy, sustainable way. I truly appreciate that she engages an audience like no one else, even in a virtual keynote. She provides insights for us as individuals, managers, and teams. Marcey gives actionable takeaways that support and reinforce our learnings. Another great round of reviews this year and a session from which I personally benefited.

buck rogers

Vice President, Triangle SHRM

I've engaged over 120 speakers in the last 12 years, and Marcey's presentation was in the top tier. Her incredible energy, humor, and group activities kept everyone engaged and entertained. I've had other speakers present on time management; however, her presentation was very different and creative.

donald plato, jr.

Vice President, Robert Half Management Resources

Many of us were facing large inboxes, sprawling interlinked conversations, and the resulting inefficiencies of being unable to get to the needed content. We had slow response times that were not aligned with priorities and overwhelmed Outlook servers with huge inboxes of unprocessed content. Some of the practices recommended by Marcey are things I've heard before. Still, I couldn't pull them together until she completed the puzzle. She is adept at finding out your individual needs and work environment and tailoring guidance to suit. Now, my personal and professional inboxes are used just for communicating, on my terms and without anxiety. I spend less time on email and more on the stuff I need to do. Best of all, it is simple enough that I can maintain it.

malcolm alexander

Full Stack Software Developer, SAS Institute