Productive, Clutter-Free, Healthy Living – One Step at a Time.

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Productive, Clutter-Free, Health Living - One Step at a Time

If you're ready to become more productive, declutter your spaces, and embrace healthy living, continue reading.

If you're all set, don't feel the need to change and are good with the status quo. Click away. 

Engaging in just one unhealthy behavior can decrease productivity in all areas of life. About a decade ago, I decided I wanted to change 100 things in my life in the areas of productivity, clutter, and health. Sound daunting? It wasn't. Because along the way, I became obsessed with reading every book on habit change I could, even becoming a National Academy of Sports Medicine Behavior Change Specialist, downsized my house twice, and started a business helping others do the same.

Oh yeah…and when I thought I was the healthiest person in the room? That decade in my 30s of kicking ass on the trails and in my job turned itself on me and kicked me in the ass, to the tune of three autoimmune diseases.

And need I mention I went into menopause at 36?

In the six years I've had my business, this is one of the top three things I'm most proud of. I've written the ultimate book for real-life, no-jive, actionable steps to transform your body, mind, and physical and digital spaces.

This easy to use and adaptable guide will show you how you can kick your productivity into high gear — while Working Well and Playing More!

Marcey WWPM

Looking for clear steps, goals, and habits, without feeling restricted? Look no further.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to uncomplicate your life in three areas: productivity, organization, health & wellness
  • How to make step-by-step behavior changes that fit your lifestyle
  • How to use a whiteboard or an app to stay motivated and committed to change
  • How to keep notifications from being a distraction throughout your day
  • How to process email like a task
  • How to increase focus and get more done
  • How to boost the productivity of meetings
  • How to create healthy boundaries
  • How to declutter your desktop (both virtual and physical)
  • How to organize key spaces in your home
  • How to increase mental clarity by decluttering your brain
  • How to implement simple, healthy eating habits
  • How to make movement a regular part of your life
  • How to create healthier sleep habits
  • How to practice mindfulness

The best part is you can approach this book like the menu at your favorite restaurant. The habit changes are sorted by category (productivity, decluttering, and health) and level of difficulty (Novice, Pro, Master). Go ahead! Pick and choose, mix and match, and, above all, do what works for you. 

Opening my first author proof of the book.

Coming up after the launch

I have a photo shoot scheduled in February to do a new cover that I'm excited about but didn't want to wait that long to release the content. I'm too amped up for it.

Besides the hard copy and Kindle version, I'm releasing it on Audible. It will be my first foray into the audio world, and I want to make my listeners happy because I know not everyone enjoys reading. But here's how I made it better than other books….I can't stand when I'm listening to the audio, and the author refers to links or resources that I can't write down and don't want to rewind to find that mark later (I could be running or driving!). So, I made a hidden bonus chapter online with all of that. Complete with discounts. Sign-up for it when you get the book.

Marcey Audio Recording
At Warrior Sound recording the audio. It's not as easy as it seems!

I recorded on Halloween and had a special message for the ghosts and goblins.

The book launches November 18 but you can pre-order it here

If you pre-order the book or buy it on November 18, send your order number to to get exclusive access to the video – Show your bad habits who's boss – a foundation video for the Work Well. Play More! masterclass.

Most authors would do a massive email campaign. I'm not. It's against every fiber in my being. I'm sending out no more than four campaigns and will rely on those, LinkedIn posts and my awesome pre-launch readers to share with the people they know would benefit.

High Fives and Fist Bumps!

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