Outlook vs Google Apps. Which sexy system will save me?

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Do you think that the only secure, professional system is Microsoft Outlook?
Do you think because you use Google Apps you are automatically in the cool kids club?
Both systems can be sexy. Both systems can save you.

A lot of my clients that work in corporate for companies more than ten years old work in Microsoft Outlook. Even if they start their own business, they want to stick with Outlook. They understand it because it is familiar and they're afraid anything else isn't professional looking.

Most of my small business clients, or clients of my Hack My Gmail Intensives, where I set small businesses up for success with the right systems and tools, opt for Google Apps accounts after I tell them everything they can get with it. The benefits of Google Apps is that there are so many free or very low-cost programs, extensions, and services, whereas Outlook tends to be proprietary and not all that friendly with outside developers. And yes, your email doesn't end in @gmail.com. That's why it's called Google Apps for Work. Google Apps isn't just for small fries. Over five million companies use it. A few large companies and universities that use Google Apps are Whirlpool, Design Within Reach, Utah State University, Wheaton College, Johns Hopkins University, and Allrecipes.com.

At some point, Outlook is going to need to open up their arms and give some hugs to the design world and not be so stodgy.

I worked in Outlook for 13 years. Once I learned the benefits of Google Apps, I signed up and never looked back. I've only had one client ask me to switch them back to Outlook after trying Apps.

But is it better?

I like that I can access my email, calendar, drive, tasks and presentations from any device or computer. Even if I have to borrow from someone else. I like that there are so many things to try that I'll never be able to learn them all but there are options if I need them.

But is it better?


It's better for me because it fits my business, my personality, and my style. Just like with the latest and greatest app on your friend's phone, because it works for them doesn't mean it's the best for you. I believe in minimal effective dose. Maybe you don't need all the bells and whistles with Google Apps. Maybe you don't have the necessity to have access from any device if you need it. Maybe you have so much going on right now, you can't possibly think of learning something new.

What makes a system sexy enough to save you is setting it up for maximum efficiency, using the right filters and routers, and learning how to use the capabilities to the maximum potential. Not investing the time to do that means you are probably creating double work for yourself or taking longer to perform a task than you need to be.


If you need help setting up your system for maximum efficiency, I'm giving 25% off to the first person that signs up for the Hack My Gmail Intensive and mentions this post. Have Outlook? We can hack that too 🙂



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