No-Task Fridays

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no-task fridays

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Have you experimented with meeting-free Fridays only to find out half your company schedules meetings that day because it's the only open spot?

Do you wish you could go into the weekend feeling like everything is complete with no loose ends? 

Introducing…No-Task Fridays.

In early June, I started an experiment at RaderCo called No-Task Fridays. The directive is that no deliverables can be scheduled in ClickUp for Friday. We already have meeting-free Fridays. No-Task Fridays is a way to catch up on what we've been working on. If we're already done with our tasks, we go into the weekend with a sense of accomplishment.

no-task fridays

No-Task Friday Guidelines

  • No deliverables are tasked as due on Friday.
  • A team member may finish up a task that I review on Friday, but if there are edits, corrections, or further directives, that gets tasked to Monday.
  • If all work is done, team members don't have to work on Friday.
  • We can use this time for admin, catch-up, creative, or strategy work.

Does this mean more work on Mondays?

Maybe, but that's a discussion to have with your team. I've found that we are more focused on getting everything done by Thursday COB and not starting new projects on Fridays (thus assigning work for Monday). 

As a business owner, it's been fantastic for me to not have a list of things to review. I've been using this time for:

  • Finance Fridays.
  • Face-to-face meetings for networking or with business peers.
  • Reading through blog posts and newsletters I've received throughout the week.
  • Administrative work.
  • Creative time at a coffee shop.

This was a 90-day experiment. At this point, it's been so successful, I don't see us going back to our regular work-week.

Run a test with your team. Maybe you have a no-communication Friday where no emails or messages are sent. Or you actually abide by your no-meeting Friday. No-Task Fridays? Test it for 90 days and find out if it makes your team happier on the weekends. Work well together to own your day and respect the weekend.

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