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In my second video interview of the MoPro series on healthy and productive mobile professionals, road warriors and business travelers, I interviewed Toby Head, Founder and Owner of TH Associates. Toby definitely lives the mobile lifestyle by working two weeks at a time on an oil rig. My favorite quote from Toby?

It's impossible to do 14 hour days without the gym and exercise to clear my head.

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Marcey – What is a typical day for you in your job?

Toby – Currently I am working offshore on an Oil Rig which means I work for two weeks straight (i.e. no weekends off) and then have two weeks off . The day is up at 5am, at desk by 05:30, work until roughly 19:30, then go to the gym for an hour and a half to two hours, shower bed repeat!

Marcey – What do you do to stay healthy when you travel?

Toby – Food is great out here and the gym although crude has everything in it to help me train – even has a Watt Bike so I can cycle on Power when here!

Marcey – What is your most productive behaviour? What do you think makes you better able to Work Well so you can Play More?

Toby –  It's impossible to do 14 hour days without the gym and exercise to clear my head.

Marcey – What do you do at home to help your business travels go smoother?

Toby – plan plan and plan more – the benefit of what I do is when I am at home I am completely at home so can pick the kids up from school and be available for them.

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