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In my first interview of the MoPro series on healthy and productive mobile professionals, road warriors and business travelers, I knew I had to interview Ken Lubin. Ken is the Managing Director of ZRG Partners and Founder of Executive Athletes, which has over 15,000 business and athlete professionals who train at a high level in sports. Ken was the co-winner of the 2013 Death Race and winner of the Team Ultra Beast World Championships in 2012, among other athletic accomplishments.

Below is a brief synopsis of the 22 minute interview. I felt an instant connection with Ken as another health enthusiast who Gets Shit Done and doesn't whine and give every excuse in the book. If you would like to watch the full interview on Spreecast, please sign up below to be directed to the page and learn about what makes Ken healthy and productive and how he Works Well to Play More!

Marcey – Tell me about Executive Athletes and why you started the group?

Ken – I started the group back in 2010 at the height of the recession. Being an executive recruiter I had a lot of time on my hands. I started it selfishly and decided if I was gong to cold call people, I wanted to cold call people like me. I knew there had to be other endurance athletes out there to introduce myself and chat with people. Over four years later I have over 15000 people on board. I screen everyone that applies. Professionally I'm an executive recruiter but more importantly I'm a connector. 

Marcey – What do you do to stay healthy when you travel?

Ken – I pretty much keep the same schedule. I get up early and explore the city. I throw running shoes in my bag. I've gone running in Warsaw, Poland, St. Louis Missouri and L.A. In the winter it's more difficult in a cold climate but I still go and do a treadmill workout.

Marcey – What do you find the hardest part about staying healthy when you travel?

Ken – Eating right and finding the right foods to eat. Sometimes you go out with clients and have wine and interesting foods. 

Marcey – What is your most productive behavior?

Ken – Working in the morning between 5-7am. I can get more work done between 5-7 than throughout the day. It allows me to go for a workout at lunch because I've worked for two hours but accomplished four hours of work.

Marcey – What do you struggle with in terms of productivity?

Ken – There are distractions with social media. One of the things is coming up with content. When I see something pretty cool I do it right then and there which can take away from my productivity. In today's world you're always checking your inbox or email. When I get home I try to put down my phone. What I've learned is to not take your phone with you. A deal's not going to go bad because your 1.5 hours late. 


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