Are you maximizing your break time?

by Health, Productivity

How often do you take break time at work?
What are you doing when you take them?
Check out this cool infographic on Break Room Hacks for Workplace Productivity.

I love this infographic about break time and productivity. I've written several times about getting off your butt every hour to prevent glute amnesia and trying walking meetings.

While I agree with the benefits of coffee, it also needs to be in moderation. There is a law of diminishing returns. In addition, if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, ingesting a stimulant will keep those stress hormones churning. The best time to drink coffee? When you're relaxed and calm!

One of the most interesting tidbits are how much productivity is lost in $$ when companies don't provide coffee to their employees. It's something that a line item isn't always going to show you when you're budgeting every year.

Bottom line? Take breaks. They're good for your effectiveness, creativity, energy, mood and waistline.

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jim west

Principal and Managing Director, GFF Architects