Who is Justin Case and why do you blame him?

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I'm keeping my car insurance documents from three years ago….Justin Case.
I'm going to check my email…..Justin Case.
I'm buying a box of cake mix…..Justin Case.
Justin Case – get OUT OF MY LIFE!

Justin Case is one popular dude. He keeps us from throwing away unnecessary papers, scanning and storing documents in the cloud, and cancelling our unused gym membership.
He also encourages us to have sweets laying around or continue getting Facebook notifications on our phone, because we may have unexpected guests that want sugar or someone might like the photo I just posted!

Is this Justin's fault?

You are blaming Justin for your own fear and faults. Time to face the facts.
You DO NOT NEED your old insurance coverage information once it is expired.
You DO NOT NEED to check your email more than three times a day (unless you are in customer service).
You DO NOT NEED to always have desserts on hand in your house.
You DO NOT NEED to know immediately that someone has looked at your post. Isn't that a little narcissistic?

Think about your closet. How many items of clothing does Justin make you keep for when you lose the 20 pounds you have been trying to lose for 15 years? Justin has no sense of style or when fashion becomes outdated. Stop wasting your closet space and donate those items to someone who can benefit.

Commit to breaking your relationship with Justin. He is toxic. He is not helping you move forward in your life. It's not his fault. That's his job. Like all toxic relationships, we need to cut the ties, rip off the bandage and carry on.

How does Justin Case interfere with your life? Know someone who is best friends with Justin? Share this post!


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