How to Invigorate Your Business With a Luxury Working Vacation

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Hutualco Beach

Do you feel stale in your business and stuck in the same place?
Are you in need of a vacation or change of scenery?
Guilty of always saying…..”someday I will X?”

Stop saying someday and get all of them on a working vacation.

I'm sure some of you already think a working vacation is an oxymoron. I'm afraid I have to disagree. For two years in a row, I've taken two clients each to Secrets Resort in Huatulco, Mexico, where we spent a week in luxury paddleboarding, kayaking, playing water volleyball, snorkeling, dancing at night, and eating incredible, fresh foods.

“We also spent 1-2 hours a day deep-diving into their business working on processes, new systems, and behaviors. We strategized over meals and walks on the beach. We were out of our normal routine and gave our mind, body, and soul new perspectives that breathed life into our business.”

Todd, President, B&M Steel, 2-time intensive attendee

Week two was attended by Wendy Gates Corbett, of Refresher Training.

“I’ve been on ‘working vacations’ before. But this one was different. Having worked with you as my productivity coach, I knew the ‘working’ part of this working vacation would be different.

We focused on these areas:

  • Regaining control of my inbox, so I process email effectively.
  • Creating a process for scheduling tasks, especially those related to specific emails in my inbox
  • Creating a process for my VA to input business card contacts into my CRM
  • Deciding which tasks I could delegate to my VA

We discussed these areas and worked on them—literally going through my inbox and my tasks, one by one. I not only knocked out the things I wanted to, but we also created processes that, in the future, will help me stay in the driver’s seat of my business. Staying confidently and definitively in the driver’s seat of my business will propel my company to the levels I desire.

My luxury working vacation.

As for me, I spent the third week on my own working vacation with no clients. My husband flew down, and I worked a maximum of 90 minutes per day. I kept up with email by reading, acting, and responding, but I delayed my send until the day after I got back so the conversations wouldn't continue (OOO message was on that week).

I spent no time learning by watching webinars, reading business books, or doing business-building exercises; instead, I just thought. As Tony Robbins says “knowledge doesn't mean shit if you don't do anything with it.” I was taking an Information Vacation, which I do four times a year, and didn't learn. I processed what I already knew and just marinated in it.

These three weeks were also an information detox in that I watched/listened/read no news for a month (and friends/family didn't update me on it), which was significant given the political climate when I left the U.S., and I didn't turn on the TV once.

When I got back, my week was an explosion of good things. I took Monday as a Get Shit Done day, where I still had my OOO message on but caught up with work tasks. I submitted two new business proposals, signed on for one new client, and felt completely jazzed about my prospects.

Luxury Intensive Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 are in development. I have the Huatulco resort booked for February 2018 and Wendy is returning for round 2. If you are interested in a working vacation Luxury Intensive that's fun in the sun, out of your element, and will send you back home riled up and ready for business and personal growth, contact me today about a 6-day fall trip to Jamaica or Mexico and the Huatulco retreat in February. Need something shorter and domestic in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina? I can arrange that too. Let's talk!

Huatulco Luxury Intensive Photo Album

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