How to hire a Personal Assistant on Care.Com

by Productivity

Are you ready to hire a personal assistant but don't know where to start? Think outside the box. 

What do you need help with? Don't just consider what's typical. 

A housecleaning service is just going to clean your house, but a house assistant or house manager may also do your laundry. A personal chef may prepare your meals, but a personal assistant who is skilled in cooking may shop for them, prep them and cook them. Get creative by finding exactly what you need on a site like I found my House Assistant there, and she is invaluable. She cleans my house, does my laundry, folds it (just like a department store!), puts it away, chops all my veggies from my produce box and even tailors my clothes and has made cushions for me. She's less expensive than a marriage therapist, better at all of those things then I am, and I don't want to imagine my life without her.

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jim west

Principal and Managing Director, GFF Architects