Why Am I Doing This?

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I have random reminders that pop up that ask me WAIDT? How often do you ask yourself why you are doing that task? Why are you attending that meeting? Why are you sending that same email again?

Every task in your day should be started with this question. If you can't answer it than that is clearly a problem and you need to evaluate by asking further:

Are you doing it because you've always done it?

Do you still need to do it or can it be delegated or eliminated?

Is it value-added or just nice to have? If it's just ‘nice to have' stop doing it.

Is there a better way to do this?

Do I still need to account this much time to this task?

Here are some examples of tasks I've changed by asking myself WAIDT?

  • Allowing 60 minutes for website and newsletter work on Mondays. Now I only need 25 at most.
  • Deep cleaning my house every couple of weeks. Now I only focus on one room a week to really clean and the rest of the house gets a run-through.
  • Daily check-ins with my some of my private client coaching logs. Now I only do this 2 x per week in addition to their scheduled meeting with me.

Challenge for this week: Go through your task list and ask yourself WAIDT and find at least one routine task to delete, delegate or eliminate.

Do you need help figuring out how to maximize your time and tasks to increase your productivity? Send me an email at marcey@marceyrader.com with the subject line – WAIDT for a complementary 30-minute Strategy Session.

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