19 Ways You Can Keep Yourself Healthy During Covid-19

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19 Ways You Can Keep Yourself Healthy During Covid-19

This is a guest post by Charles of Sleep Matters.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shook the whole world and has been a massive health crisis over the past several months. It has been hard for those who have been affected, and frankly, it is still hard even though measures to secure our health status are already starting to shape up.

Thinking about the Covid-19 pandemic can increase your anxiety levels. So instead of thinking about how the pandemic has kept you stuck at home, get this opportunity to keep yourself healthy amidst this global crisis. Here are ways on how you can keep yourself in great shape during Covid-19.

1.Stay active

An active lifestyle is among the best ways to keep health at its best. If you have been going to the gym in the past, staying active is no feat. But if it has been hard for you to start an exercise routine, start small but maintain the routine for days. You can do yoga, aerobic exercises, weight and resistance training, and jump rope to stay active.

2.Get yourself hydrated

Water is an essential drink that you need to adequately maintain in this pandemic. Keeping yourself hydrated keeps your weight healthy, eases your digestion, maintains a great amount of energy level, and it keeps your skin and mind clear. The recommendation of 6 to 8 glasses of water is stressed, especially in these times. 

3.Have adequate sleep

The right quality and quantity of sleep will keep yourself healthy. It boosts your immune system and it resets your body for the day. A good sleep is also great to refresh your mind.

4.Cook for yourself

Cooking for yourself is a good way to be more mindful of the nourishment you give yourself. It sets a fresh mindset on what you eat, and it is also a good way to train your cooking skills.

5.Restart a new diet

One of the best ways to up your nutrition is through restarting your entire diet to a healthier one. Be mindful of your fat and salt intake. Weigh yourself for now and revamp your eating habits if needed. Choose the healthier options as you do the groceries, and lower down your consumption on processed food.

6.Get your day going with a good breakfast

Start your day with a complete breakfast. This may be an overlooked routine, but sipping a warm cup of coffee, having a complete morning meal, and setting your time off the regular rush can be life changing.

7.Do meditation or relaxation

Reduce the stress and anxiety that Covid-19 has brought. Take a portion of your day off with meditation. There are a lot of meditation tips and exercises designed to strengthen the mind, and this is an essential part of keeping your overall health in good shape.

8.Amp up your immune system

Don’t forget to take your vitamins to amp up your immune system. Taking your recommended vitamins will boost your body’s defense against the virus.

9.Build a hand washing routine

Hand washing is an excellent defense against the virus, and is scientifically proven to reduce its transmission rates. If you aren’t used to hand washing most of the time, now is the best time to practice a good hand washing routine with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

10.Clean up your space

Cleaning can be therapeutic. It gives you the chance to declutter your space, and a cleaner area is a refreshing way to keep yourself healthy.

11.Read a good book

Take your mind off the current Covid-19 events and get yourself immersed in a good book. Reading is a fruitful way to spend the day; and it makes your mind wander in some place completely different from the present.

12.Watch a feel-good movie

One way to keep your mental status afloat is through watching something that will make you feel good. Movies like sitcoms or rom coms are light, and they distract you from the current situation. Watch a few of these films in your favorite streaming providers.

13.Start a new hobby

If you are bored with your current daily chores, try a new hobby. Painting, reading, calligraphy and solving puzzles are among the hobbies you can try while stuck under the pandemic.

14.Establish a skin care routine

Part of self-care is skin care. Everyone has skin and it is best to establish your skin care routine when you have an ample amount of time. 

15.Stay connected with your loved ones

A way to keep a healthy mind is by knowing that your loved ones are safe. Stay connected with your closest friends and family members.

16.Wear a face mask

Wearing a face mask has been proven to reduce the transmission of viral agents when going outside your home and when having to deal with other people. It prevents you from getting the virus and it also protects the people around you.  

17.Let go of social media that isn’t good for your mental health

It is often better to let go of what stresses you out. If the local news or some social media posts have been disappointing, and if it adds more stress than valuable information, cut some time down. You can also do a social media detox to focus more on yourself than what the world is up to.

18. Manage your health care visits

Many countries have imposed lockdowns and have made people stay indoors. If you have a scheduled trip to the doctor, plan ahead on when it should be rescheduled in accordance with the rules of your locality. You may also do teleconsultations to avoid going out, but still get the right medical advice in time.

19.Don’t neglect your current health status

There are some pre-existing health conditions that may predispose you to getting the coronavirus. Continue taking your maintenance medications. Those who are immunocompromised should take more precautions and should be vigilant in keeping themselves away from sickly people.

Keeping yourself healthy can be a challenge. And being able to do so a privilege, especially during the time of Covid-19. If you are fortunate enough to have options on keeping yourself in good shape, take this opportunity to be more mindful of what you eat, what you do, and be consistent about the things that make you feel good inside and out.


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