Hangry Snacks

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Hangry Snacks

This photo is the driver’s side door of my car. These are my Hangry snacks that I replenish every Sunday to make sure I have at least 5-6 packs.

Being Hangry is no joke.

Hungry + Angry is Hangry and Hangry is irritable, frustrated, unhealthy and unproductive.

I used to work with people who would go all day without eating like it was some badge of honor and hard work. Well, that badge is affecting your ability to work and interact with your coworkers or clients.

When your blood sugar gets low it actually affects your ability to concentrate and make decisions. You tend to make status quo or safe decisions or not decide at all. Procrastinating in the afternoon? Have you thought about your blood sugar? When was the last time you ate?

I remember once when I lived in DC and I was walking up and down Dupont Circle starving. I had let myself get so Hangry that I seriously walked for about half an hour past 20+ restaurants because I couldn’t decide where to eat.

Have you ever let yourself get so Hangry that you open up your refrigerator door and stare at it because you can’t decide what to eat? You are ravenous yet you can’t even make a decision like ‘Make eggs. Add spinach. Eat an ounce of walnuts while waiting for eggs to cook’. No. Instead, you start eating peanuts by the handful and grab a refined, sugary granola bar.

Being Hangry affects your mood too. Have you ever rushed a meeting with a client because of your grumbling belly or because you were too tired to think? Have you snapped at your spouse or child because you had to work through lunch and now they have to deal with the wrath?

Assignment: Pack your luggage, car, briefcase, purse or murse with Hangry Snacks this week. Snacks that won’t perish, melt or freeze. Your children, coworkers, partner and clients will thank you.



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