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You know Dug the Dog from the movie Up? Well, I am like Dug except my squirrel is everywhere. People think because I'm a Productivity Coach that I'm not distracted and am hyper-focused. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I just know how to handle it.

Barbara Hemphill, pioneering Professional Organizer, former President of the National Association of Professional Organizers and Founder of the Productive Environment Institute, will admit to having ADD and having trouble with focus. Barbara personally trained me and I can tell you from being around her that not only is that true, but like me, she knows how to deal with it. I know what I can do with music on and what I can do with total silence. I know what I can work on with my husband in the house and what I need to delay until he's gone.  


Dug the Dog Video

I incorporate several techniques to help with my focus and train my clients on different techniques that may work for them. I don't introduce them all at once because it's too overwhelming to learn multiple systems in the process of simplification. One app I use is Concentrate. This is installed on my desktop and I can create scenarios that are timed, allow only certain applications to be open and don't let me open other websites until the timer is up. I even have a voice speak a message on Concentrate. Guess what it says?

Get Focused Squirrel

Do you need help with customized solutions to increase your productivity? Send me an email at to help find your squirrel and get focused!

*Thank you to Matt Gheen for my adorable squirrel photo!


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