Five Reasons People Don’t Exercise While Traveling

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1) I don’t want to pack clothes and sneakers.

Sorry, poor excuse. Who says you have to have special clothes? Yeah, you need wicking apparel and sneakers if you are running on the treadmill or working out in the fitness center, but what do you need if you are exercising in your room? Your underwear! Strip down to your undies and put on a sports bra if you are female and use one of the hotel towels as your mat. You can get a great bodyweight workout right in your room with no equipment and no extra clothes. Just don’t forget to shut the curtains!

2) Hotel fitness center is antiquated/smells/crowded/hot.

Wah wah wah! Get outside and walk around the city or area where you are staying. I once did a 12-mile run by going around and around an outlet mall parking lot. You can also resort to #1 and work out in your room. It might not be the hardest routine or exactly what you want but it still isn’t an excuse.

3) My boss/colleague/client might see me!

This one I can understand but it shouldn’t keep you from doing it. Most people don’t want to come in contact with any of the above with their bedhead, no makeup, tight clothing and sweaty huffing and puffing. Again, you could resort to #1 or #2 if that is a concern for you so I’ll play no violin here.

4) I don’t have any equipment.

Who says you need equipment? Sometimes all I do are bodyweight exercises. If you are so lightweight that you can’t get a workout using your body weight than you actually may have an (under) weight problem! I love traveling with bands, a SMRT-CORE, collapsible hoop and sandbag (if traveling by car). Bands take up very little space so I’m not going to cry for you.

5) I’m too tired from traveling.

Ok, I’ll give you some slack here…NOT! Exercising for even five minutes will get your heart rate up, stretch out your muscles and is a huge stress reliever. If you can’t find five minutes out of 1440 reevaluate your time. You don’t have to get sweaty, even a soft yoga routine will be fine. Find a quiet corner of the airport, walk around the parking lot while you are waiting for your client at the coffee shop or sneak in a quick walk during the lunch break.

Care to admit any other excuses you use not to exercise while traveling?


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