How Crafting an Ethical Will Can Elevate Your Legacy and Bring You Closer to Family

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This is a guest post by RaderCo Team Specialist, Judith Guertin.

Elevate Your Life with an Ethical Will

Let's delve into a hidden gem that can profoundly impact both your personal growth and the legacy you leave behind. Amidst our fast-paced lives and growing to-do lists, a tool stands apart – The Ethical Will. This is not your average legal document; it's a treasure chest, a testament to who you are and what you stand for.

What is an Ethical Will?

An Ethical Will is an age-old practice, recently rediscovered as a powerful personal development tool. It is an intimate letter to your loved ones, capturing the essence of your being. This document transcends basic information and delves into your journey, values, aspirations, and the wisdom you want to impart to future generations. The Ethical Will is where you narrate your life story, not as mere data points but as a living, breathing tale.

The Heart of The Matter

Take, for example, a touching story of a grandfather named Joe who fulfilled his grandson's wish by writing down his life stories. His account was so heart-warming and full of wisdom that copies were made for the entire family. The pages brought Joe's voice to life, recounting his struggles during World War II, his lessons in friendship, honesty, and love, and how his experiences shaped his values and treatment of others. This Ethical Will became a family treasure.

Crafting Your Ethical Will: A Productivity Powerhouse

Creating an Ethical Will can also be a powerful productivity booster. By introspectively answering the questions you set for yourself, you begin a journey of self-discovery.

Ten questions to kickstart your Ethical Will:

  1. What do you want to be most remembered for? A question to align your actions with your legacy.
  2. Which family traditions hold special meaning to you? This helps in understanding and preserving what matters most.
  3. What are your hopes for future generations? A reflection on what you wish to instill in others.
  4. How do you cope with life's challenges? Share your resilience strategies.
  5. Has a belief in a higher power influenced any decisions? Shed light on your spiritual journey.
  6. What is one life experience you hope your family gets to have? Share your awe-inspiring moments.
  7. What brings you joy? Dive into the simple pleasures that make life worthwhile.
  8. What is your fondest childhood memory? Connect with your roots.
  9. What is your most treasured possession? Share the stories behind your treasures.
  10. Who influenced different phases of your life, and how? Honor the ones who shaped you.

Leave A Legacy That Counts

As productivity enthusiasts, we focus on getting more done. Crafting an Ethical Will redirects some of that energy inward, fostering personal growth and ensuring that what we leave behind resonates with meaning and love.

Get into the habit of writing down your thoughts and feelings. This practice not only shapes the invaluable gift you'll be leaving for your family but can also bring transformative change within you.

Embrace this journey with open arms. May your Ethical Will be a beacon of wisdom and love for future generations.

Thank you for joining us on this path of self-discovery and legacy building with an Ethical Will.


To learn more, check out Judith's book Beyond the Estate Plan Guide: Important Details Your Family Needs When You Aren't Here to Tell Them.

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