Energy Giver vs. Energy Sucker

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I was recently in an amazing course led by Jerry Bergner called Life Business.  If you are local to the area I highly recommend it.  We looked at the tasks, events, and people in our lives and asked ourselves if we were getting energy from them or having it sucked away.  Most of what I wrote was not surprising but it was interesting to see how many activities and people both gave and took energy from me. Here are some of those things I'm willing to share:

Energy Suckers/Vampires/Toxins

  1. Housework – I like a really clean house, but this seemed to be a recurring theme of how much I don't like doing it.  I guess it goes to show that the Pomodoro works for housekeeping! Some day soon, I will have housecleaning services again!
  2. Admin tasks – Some of this was solved by my hiring a VA. Now I can focus on clients and not the little things.

Energy Givers/Feeders

  1. My husband supports me in breaking free of the golden handcuffs to do what I love without complaint.
  2. My friend Melissa, who started her business simultaneously, and I talk to her almost every day.  Solopreneurdom can be lonely, and she lifts me up when needed.
  3. Docudinners monthly with my girlfriends.  We have a carry-in, watch a documentary, and talk about none of your business.
  4. My business coach, Megan. She talks me off the ledge and made me realize that a coach is not an expense; it is an investment, even for a coach!

Energy Givers/Suckers

  1. The first year of owning your own business.
  2. Eating almost all whole foods.  The work of washing, chopping, prepping, and cooking is a lot, but I feel so much better and definitely get energy from not eating processed crap.
  3. Going home to Indiana. I love my family and my nieces give me incredible energy, but the drive is like torture.

I had a whole page but that's for only me to see 🙂  I challenge you to think of some of your Energy Givers and Suckers? Are you willing to make any changes by adding more givers and getting rid of some suckers?

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