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If you had to pay a $1.00 every time you sent an email, how much would that cut down on unnecessary garbage?

I’ve written many times about how I don’t like receiving Thanks! and Okay as acknowledgments (sincerely thanking me for something is different). The other day, when I got my third time-wasting email from someone who always complains about how overloaded they are, I thought….”If I could charge them every time they sent me an email with no purpose, would they still do it?”.

Think about your own email habits. If you had to pay a buck for every sent email, would you reassess what was important? What if it was 10 bucks? What if that charge was for every person that you copied and replied all to? How would this change your habit?

I remember when texting was a charge. Most people have unlimited texts now so we don’t even think about it anymore. When we had to pay to play, getting a group text where everyone and their brother replied made you see your bill shooting upward. You were more thoughtful about what you sent and didn’t send a correction to your misspelled autocorrect or replied ‘okay’ when you didn’t need to.

Let’s be mindful people. Email is ABUSED. We talk about how overloaded we are, yet we send emails with no meaning or purpose. Unless someone has taught you that they lose or don’t read your emails, assume they received them and don’t require them to respond thanking you. If you really must know, install a plug-in that lets you see if it was opened and how many times. Yes, my friends, you can do this now. You can no longer say “oh sorry, I didn’t get your email,” because if I really wanted to know, I could see that not only did you get it, you have opened it three times. This is on the down low and is something that only you can see. Don’t be a jerk and send read receipts and make people prove that they received them, requiring an extra step on their part.

As you start receiving emails, ask yourself is this worth $1? As you send them, ask yourself, would I pay $10 to send this?

It may just make you think twice and get rid of some of your garbage.

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