How to Eat Healthy in a Hotel Room

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When you travel for business, do you eat like you're on vacation?

Do you forget grocery stores exist and that reasonable portions don't require a serving platter?

By staying in a hotel with a full kitchen, you can maintain your nutrition, save money and stop the excuses. Here are three ways to eat healthy in a hotel room.

  1. Cook once. Eat twice. By finding simple things to fix or items that will last for several meals, you'll save time not just in the hotel kitchen but in restaurants too. Driving to a restaurant, waiting in line, waiting for your order, and then waiting for the bill is all time added up. Meals to cook in a hotel room that you can fix once and eat twice include rotisserie chicken, quinoa, rice or millet, soups, and stews (even better the next day!) and sauteed or steamed vegetables.
  2. Shop the perimeter. Don't like to wash, chop, and prep? Buy pre-washed, pre-sliced produce like spinach, fajita peppers, mushrooms, and fruits. Hit the frozen food aisle for bags of veggies or fruit to steam or throw in with whatever you are cooking on the stove. Head to the salad bar and load up on the veggies, nuts, and seeds you want to use throughout the week. At the meat counter, get pre-cooked fish or poultry.
  3. Take it with you. When you stay at a hotel with a full kitchen, you can easily carry that Paul Bunyon-sized restaurant portion back to the room. Store it in the fridge and reheat it on the stove.

You can eat healthy on the road, and it comes down to staying in one with a kitchen or the ability to make an easy meal. This keeps me on track with my meal plan, saves money and time, and maintains my routine on the road.

What do you do to stay healthy in your hotel kitchen?

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