Don’t eat the Meh

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Eat Meh

Do you push back from the table and think “Why did I eat that’?
Do you vow to be in control at the next party, only to have to make the same rule again next time?
Don’t eat the Meh.

Thanksgiving. It was the first I overate in a long time. After going gluten-free, soy-free when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, it has been easy not to indulge. Most of the time, the offerings are spare of what I can eat. This time, I was at the home of a couple from Israel who has lived in the U.S. for 26 years. It was a mix of American and Israeli food. It was a mix of deliciousness, delightfulness, another round of deliciousness and then a finale of O.M.G.

One thing I didn't do was eat the Meh. Fortunately (or unfortunately for my overfull tum) there was no Meh at this meal. When I am at a buffet or party where there is an overabundance of food, I have a rule not to waste any of my calories on items I consider Meh. What's Meh? I wouldn't order it at a restaurant, it's a filler food or something that I can eat at home or have any time I want to.

My husband and I have families who are great cooks, but also happen to think we need five desserts (or more) or it isn't a meal. The more options available, the more people will eat. What's meh? When someone brings a box of something that they bought at the grocery store. It might be good, but with four other desserts there that are homemade with love and I only get once a year….I'm going to go with those.

I love me some veggies. At a holiday party, if you whip out a casserole dish of canned green beans with some Bacos on top, I'll pass. I'm not too good to eat canned green beans, but why would I waste my calories when there are five other side dishes I could have that I wouldn't make myself or that is a speciality of a family member?

I would never say to deprive yourself during the holidays or any kind of party. Take a look at the options available first, before you start going through the line. One study showed that obese people tend to put food on their plate as they see it, whereas people at a healthier weight scoped out the offerings first. When I think of some of my family and friends, I would agree with this. I'm definitely a scoper.

Check out the dishes, make a plan in your head, and give up the meh. You can make the refrigerator biscuits, Breyer's ice cream and canned baked beans anytime.

What's your Meh?

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