Stop Inviting Your Company to Bed

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Stop Inviting your company to bed

How much do you like to imagine sleeping with your boss, manager, or anyone else from your company? Ick, right? Stop inviting your company to bed with you!

Are you guilty of cuddling up with your company each night through emails, Slack messages, or other work notifications on your laptop, tablet, or phone? Your bed is for snoozing, reading, or sexy-time – not for the daily grind of scrolling through social media or checking work emails.

Your bedroom is a sacred place

Your Bedroom: A Sacred Space πŸŒ™

Picture this: Your inbox is like a demanding stranger barging into your peaceful space, handing you a never-ending list of to-dos right before bedtime. Now, your brain's working overtime, processing all these demands while you're trying to drift off to dreamland. Note that not replying with your tapping fingers is still replying because your brain is answering. That's not relaxation, that's chaos!

And what about replying to that email or message late at night? Now, you're also stealing someone else's evening if they don't have the discipline to refrain from checking. Let's be courteous and save the work chatter for work hours.

Blue Light Blues πŸ“±

Don't even get me started on the blue light from your screens! It's like an unwelcome party guest, messing with your sleep cycle and circadian rhythm and pretending it's daytime. Your brain's all confused and secretes less melatonin, and falling asleep becomes a Herculean task.

Morning Madness 🌞

If you're diving into emails as soon as you wake up, what message are you sending to yourself? That work takes precedence over exercise, meditation, dental hygiene, family connections, or a nourishing breakfast? Priorities matter.

Let's face it: no one ever landed a dream job because they were the “World Champion of Email Checking.” So why let it dominate your life?

Take back your bedroom

Take Back Your Bedroom! 🏑

It's high time to reclaim your sacred space. Stop inviting your boss or manager into bed with you, and put yourself first. Your family, health, and personal well-being deserve top billing, not your inbox.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary to unwind and connect with what truly matters. So lock that virtual office door and savor the peace, joy, and relaxation that await you.

Remember, you're in control of your life. Embrace what matters most, and keep the work at bay. Happy snoozing! πŸŒ™πŸ’€

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