Car. House. Self. Are your priorities straight?

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Do you let your car run out of gas before you stop for fuel?
Do you wait until the drip in your faucet becomes a flood in your kitchen before calling for help?
Do you let your physical mail pile up until there are 100 envelopes sitting on your counter unopened?
Why do you treat yourself this way?
It's time to get your priorities straight.

I bet you can think of many ways that you take better care of your car, bike, or house than your body and mind. I've seen people using tweezers to detail their car, yet they say they don't have time for a two-minute meditation to transition from work.

I know people who never let their car get under half a tank of gas, but they routinely skip meals, get the hangrys and let it affect their mood and relationships.

A friend special orders her dog's food, making sure it doesn't have unnecessary fillers, but she eats Lean Cuisine 2-3 times per week.

I hear business owners complain about not having time to hang out with their friends and family, but they schedule hour-long coffee meetings every day with people before doing a phone call to make sure that it's even worth the time or face to face.

We need to treat ourselves at least as well as we treat our toys. We need to address our body, which is our first and most important house, as well as we treat the one we pay a mortgage on. We need to treat our friends and family with as much attention as we treat the person that we just met and have scheduled a date with.

This is it.

It's the only body you will have. 

Your mind can only handle so much distraction and stress.

Your workload can only get so high before it affects your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, sleep, anxiety-levels, and ability to relax.

It's not always easy, but there are simple steps you can take to put you on the path to place yourself first. Start small. Finish big.


Think of one thing you do for your house, car or pet that you neglect to do for yourself but should and make one small change this week.



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