No Book Launch Blues

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Post Launch Blues

Have you ever done anything that you were so excited about, you almost felt afraid to share it because other people may not feel the same way?

Have you ever created something so personal that, if you shared it with the world, you might open yourself up to opinions about how you live your life that you may not want to hear?

My latest book, Work Well, Play More! Productive, Clutter-Free, Healthy Living – One Step at a Time, launched on November 18. I wrote it as the ultimate guide to productivity, decluttering, and health, set up in a twelve-month format, using micro habits.

I picked up Work Well and Play More expecting to focus on the productivity section, fully believing I’d polish what I considered to be solid productivity habits at work. In addition to patting myself on the back for the productive habits I do have (like using Offline as my default setting in Outlook so I can control the flow of emails into my inbox), I was reminded of productive habits that I’d lost (like batching and scheduling my tasks). What was total bonus for me were the household productivity and clutter tips! I have a new motivation to try healthy new foods and to declutter my home space. This book overflows with PRACTICAL, DOABLE strategies for instilling better habits for your mind, your home, and your desk!

– Wendy Gates Corbett – Amazon Review

I put over 180 hours into the book just leading up to launch day (of course…I tracked it!) and was in super Mission-Critical-Only mode for eight weeks. I have never put anything into my business like this. 

Launch Morning

Book Launch Day

Launch morning arrived, and I packed up my car and drove to the gorgeous City Club Raleigh to have my launch open house from 9-12. I was already feeling hyped-up because I didn't know how many people would attend, and I had 35 RSVPs on a Monday morning! 

At a stoplight, I thought…this is it. People will love it or hate it. I will change lives or not. But it's out there for all the world (or hopefully at least a few hundred people) to read. I started to get a little choked up and said, “Self, don't you ruin your makeup. You have photo opps today!” and put those tears to rest.


Result – BEYOND EXPECTATIONS – on all fronts. My village of supporters came out, and I actually had to kick people out at noon. The event space was perfect with the view of downtown. Many people who helped make this book happen by contributing, editing, or beta reading were there. I was able to recognize people, pull snippets from the book, and make connections for people to work with each other. Several times I looked out and started to get teary-eyed (but then quickly remembered – mascara!). My husband attended and played the ‘tambourine' (a reference to Chris Rock's latest poignant stand-up on Netflix) even though he was sick.

Work Well. Play More! belongs in your library next to Steven Covey, David Allen, and Jack Canfield.

In Work Well. Play More!, Marcey takes a different approach from many productivity authors by offering specific targeted behaviors and habits that are actionable. She starts by explaining how she got to the point of writing this book. Her story is entertaining; her writing is energetic and appealing. She pulls you into the book quickly. I finished it in two days – taking notes throughout.

VLAdmin – Amazon Review

We had a quick lunch, and then I went for a 90-minute massage and sauna session and got home at 5 pm. I have no idea how many books I sold on Amazon because they only show books shipped, not sold. I had several people send their order screenshots to Rea and thousands of dollars in bulk orders for teams as gifts and for one entire company, so I know that the numbers beat my goals.

Another high-five – I was able to have a successful launch without vomiting email campaigns all over my community – three in six weeks – (which even that gave me hives!) and using LinkedIn only. I asked who was willing to help me market the book by sharing the news, and people stepped up and said: “how can I help”? 

Work Well. Play More Book Buyers

Post-launch is not like post-wedding blues. There are none. I still have much to do, and launch doesn't end. I'm gearing up now for my masterclass to lead people through the steps. It's so exciting. I can't wait to begin.

Thank you to Emily Crookston, Lee Heinrich, Charlotte Sinclaire, Jessica Coscia, my beta readers, and so many others who contributed to this success.

A valuable “Choose Your Own Adventure” to help anyone move the needle!

This might be the first (or more likely, the sixth or twelfth) book on one of these topics that you'll read, and what sets it apart is how no two people will use it in the exact same way. The Novice, Pro, and Mastery level options of each step helps you up level to the place that you want to be, in the areas you care about the most. It's a “Choose Your Own Adventure” in the best self-development way possible.

Annette Adamska – Amazon Review

Massive hugs to Rea Donato, my Happiness Specialist, and who the book is dedicated to, for all the work she has done behind the scenes, or as my friend Sara calls her – the wizard behind the curtain. Her sister Rizza also stepped in to send over 450 individual emails and a ton of research.
If you bought the book or wrote a review, send the screenshot to for an exclusive video Show Those Bad Habits Who's Boss! If you're interested in the masterclass to walk you through the steps in the book, you can learn more here before completing an application. The class begins in January.

An amazing ROI in work/life from this book!!!

This review is unlike any other I have ever written. Because this book I've been “doing” while “reading”. Not yet finished and incorporating important hacks and adjustments in my routines that I'm getting a really mega huge R.O.I. for reading the book!

Keith Drayer – Amazon Review

High Fives and Fist Bumps!

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