#BedTalk #10 Healthy Blondies and Brownies.

by Health, Productivity

Are you stuck eating the same old blondie or brownie and think maybe it's time to change?

Maybe you're due for an experiment to see how a taste of something a little different can be healthier and so delicious, you're happier as well?

Even the people sharing them with you had no idea how wonderful they could be and are now excited about them too.

Some people will click out of this right away or not even watch the video. They may decide later that this isn't so strange. They may come back.

Other people may already have started on this journey. They realize that the typical white flour may not be working for them anymore. They are ready to step it up and try something new with an alternative blondie or brownie.

Those of us who have been celebrating these treats for awhile are happy to have new people on board the fun train. They're just better all around.


Chickpea Blondies
Blackbean Brownies – (No Flour Required!)

YOUR recipe for a new way of living.

For more #BedTalk search for #BedTalkChallenge, started by David Rendall www.drendall.com. Click here for another BedTalk.

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