5 Simple Exercises To Keep Fit Anywhere

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Do you want to exercise but feel like you don’t have the necessary workout equipment?
Do you wish to keep fit but find it hard to go to the gym?
Do you want to maintain your figure and toned body but find it hard because you’re constantly traveling?

This is a guest post by Billy Smith

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this article is for you.
Gym memberships can be awfully expensive and sometimes inaccessible. For those who are busy and working, finding the time is the biggest challenge. But the great truth about exercising is that it does not need to be fancy. There is no reasons why you can’t get in a quick exercise routine wherever you are, not matter how terribly busy you think you are. You don’t have to use spin bikes or spend hours on a treadmill, all you need to do is develop a habit of performing these 5 simple exercises to keep you fit anywhere regardless of access to a gym.

    1. Squats

      An excellent exercise that promotes balance, stability, and develops strength, the squat when done properly yields a lot benefits. While it tones the legs and butt and works mainly on the lower torso, it actually helps build and strengthen the muscles throughout your body.

      As simple as this exercise is, it has several variations that offer different benefits. Two of the several variations of bodyweight squats are as follows:

      1. Single-Leg Squats

        Great way to improve your balance and stability, it allows you to use one leg at a time when doing the routine. You can do this alternately and may use a wall and chair in case you need support.

      2. Wall Squats

        Almost the same as the regular squat, however, this variation includes an isometric component. To perform this variation, you need to assume the squat position while resting your back against the wall. Stay in the position for up to 30 seconds at a time to build your resistance gradually.

    2. Lunges

      Lunges are another great leg exercise that tones the muscles of the legs, butt and core. Additionally, they also tone your inner and outer thighs as well as strengthen your hips. Lunging is one exercise that you can practically do anywhere as does not need any equipment at all.

      It has an almost similar movement to squats, only you are taking wider strides and range of motion. To give your exercise some twist, you may want to include some variations when you lunge.

      1. Walking Lunges

        Walking Lunges help develop the balance, core stability as well as strength in the legs. Before adding weight to the lunges, perform body weight repetitions so that your legs get used to the movement.

      2. Side Lunges

        From position, take a large step to your right with your right foot, then lunge towards the floor. Perform 10 reps each side regularly and you will see quick results. You can add the use of dumbbells to up your game.

  1. Pushups

    A bodyweight exercise for increasing strength and total body movement, it is an easy and convenient go-to exercise when you don’t have any time and access to the gym. This exercise is often used anywhere, mostly a huge part of training exercises and sometimes even used as a penalty for losing bets.

    While doing the same routine can be boring and may eventually be uninteresting, several variations can be made to liven it up and give you some twists and options.

    1. Spiderman Pushups

      Obviously created and inspired after the spider hero, this kind of pushup emphasizes strengthening the upper body, core, and muscles on the side of the torso.

    2. Asymmetrical Pushups

      Working to balance with your one arm, it starts in a plank then lowering your left elbow to the ground. Then you have to bend your right elbow as well to lower your body to the mat. To return to the starting position, you will need to straighten your right elbow.

  2. The Plank

    Perhaps the majority of those who exercise or go to the gym have this one goal in mind- to get abs. Contrary to popular belief, the the plank is the single best exercise for developing the muscles of core and will not help your abs show if you have excess belly fat. It is an isometric exercise that requires the individual to hold a position for a certain amount of time. Granted you will burn fat, but in order to get your abs to show, you need to successfully burn your body fat by following a regular workout schedule and more importantly being mindful of what you eat.
    Like all the exercises mentioned on this list, the plank too has a couple variations.

    1. Plank Jacks

      Incorporating the movement from jumping jack into a regular plank routine strengthens your abs more.

    2. One-legged Plank

      To challenge your balance and improve stability, from the straight-arm plank, lift one leg up and hold, then lower down. Repeat the same process with the other leg and so on.

  3. Burpees

    Burpees are a great full body exercise that consists of jumping, squatting, and doing a pushup. They help develop explosivity and strength while also burning a lot of calories. Virtually training every muscle in your body, they provide aerobic benefits and boost your endurance.

    1. Power Push-up Burpee

      The same as the standard burpee, only that you will need to push yourself up from the floor as mightily as possible leaving the ground and bringing your feet back up after a pushup instead of coming back to a squat.

    2. Mountain-climber Burpee

      From the standard burpee, perform the mountain climber movement of alternating the legs twice per side when you get to the top position of the pushup.


Where ever you are, whether with access to the gym or any exercise equipment of not, there are a lot of exercise options where you can do basic exercises that effectively strengthens and boosts your stamina and endurance. These routines though simple in the making when done properly will yield results and are definitely as good as the other exercise with fancy programs and complete gears.

Author Bio

Billy Smith is a writer, fitness junkie, trekker, hiker, tech geek and adventurer extraordinaire. Having worked in the IT field for over 10 years, Billy now spends a lot of his time writing to inspire people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to use technology responsibly. As the founder of Checkcorner.com, it is Billy’s endeavor to provide people with the best information and tools to transform their lives.

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