the powered path playbook™

Stop ineffective one-to-ones, performance reviews, and meetings with the ultimate career and business growth tool for elevated reflection, planning, and prioritizing. 

Leverage the past to power your future!

the powered path playbook

Interactive Digital-Meets-Analog Professional Development Tool

Powerful Prompts to Leverage Your Strengths and Experience

Accountability & Empowerment to Bring Your A-Game

how does it work?

Ready to elevate those one-to-one meetings from just another meeting to a game-changing strategy session? Seeking that Secret sauce to make annual reviews feel more like a launchpad than a look-back? Need a template to discuss your growth with business peers?

team members, what if you could…


Make every one-to-one meeting more meaningful and effective with a template for discussion.


Build stronger relationships at work and in life.


Feel wildly confident about your next career move because you've reflected on your impact every day.


Know precisely what to focus on and prioritize to get the mission-critical work done.


Use the lessons you've earned (yep, you earned those battle scars) to trust your strengths and experience.

leaders, what if you could…


Make every 1:1 more meaningful and effective with a template for discussion.

Build stronger relationships at work and in life

Never stress about seeking feedback and input and know you are developing your team.


Feel wildly confident sharing your team's results and accomplishments.


Have documented wins and brags to advocate for that budget increase!

I use the Powered Path Playbook™ religiously, and I really love it. Along with setting aside a top priority each day, I set up my first block of the day, so I can jump right into my first tasks without even thinking.

Helen Shanahan

Senior Manager, Compensation and Mobility

I’ve used the Powered Path reflection questions regularly for over five years to help me acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments and notice patterns in life, both positive and negative. Reflecting with others have enriched those relationships.

Lilly Ferrick

Business Development Strategist

The Powered Path reflection questions prompt me to take a healthy look at the past year, consider what I’ve accomplished, and tap into how I’ve grown personally and professionally. Sharing those reflections with a trusted friend makes a big difference because they can ask (without judgment!), “how so?” or “why do you think that is?” prompting deeper reflections and new insights.

wendy gates corbett

Signature Presentations, Original Brag & Biz member

After receiving my Powered Path Playbook™ and viewing the course videos, I thought of the Chinese proverb: “The palest ink is better than the best memory.”
The prompts are meaningful and impactful. You won’t forget what you did, how you felt, what you achieved, what you would do differently, and so much more because you thought about it, wrote it down, and reflected on it.
One of the best prompts is: ___was awesome when. Marcey, it was awesome when you took this work to the next level by making this Playbook available to others. I am so grateful to share this Playbook with my clients! Bravo!!!
Judith Guertin

Productivity Coach & Professional Organizer

other planners


Focused more on doing than on reflecting and thinking.


Bound journals that are wasteful and thrown away.


Limited pages (if any) for extra note-taking.


Are single format as paper or digital.

powered path playbook™


A plan and reflect combo triggering powerful insights.


Select a binder you love that suits your personality.


Extra lined pages for you to use when you need them.


Digital PDF can be uploaded to many note-taking apps.

The Powered Path Playbook™ membership is a productivity solution designed to get results that achieve all-new levels of health, productivity, and relationship success.

what's included in the annual membership:


Self-paced, online course of micro-learnings for each prompt.


A 12-month paper Powered Path Playbook™ with prompts for reflection, planning, and prioritizing to put into the binder of your choice.


Digital PDF version to upload to your favorite note-taking app.


Bonus training videos on how to use the method to track your wins and lessons earned for performance reviews and one-to-one meetings.


Bonus video and template on reflections and planning prompts for couples and partners.


Bonus quarterly sessions and recordings from Marcey Rader on her own reflections.


Actual results to achieve all-new levels of health, productivity, and relationship success!

all this for $199 or 12 monthly payments of $19.99!*

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Renew yearly for only $119!

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Listen to the 11-minute podcast on leveraging the Powered Path Playbook™ and why it's the perfect HR tool!

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