Does your phone look like this?

If you dread seeing the red badge of doom on your phone, check your email during off-hours, and feel anxiety about what lies inside…

Get out of overwhelm in a month!

inbox rescue


“I had over 6,000 emails,

and Marcey taught me a better system for cleaning these up. Now I'm keeping my inbox to 30 emails or less.”

Anna Lee Clark, Director of Special Events, University of North Carolina Children's Hospital Office of External Affairs

organized system + personalized plan = stress-free email

Do you experience anxiety when you can't check your email, use the call of the inbox to procrastinate on your priorities, or (gasp!) take your work to bed with you?

Stop inviting your co-workers into the bedroom and get rescued from your inbox!

In just two sessions, you can be on your way to inbox liberation (no more notification nightmares)!

“Amazing peace of mind”
I don’t think I’ve ever had an empty inbox where everything was filed. The peace of mind last night was amazing – hardly any Sunday scaries thinking about what was lurking.
kerri gaouette

kerri gaouette

Director, Learning & Development, Beam Therapeutics

“stopped worrying about dropping the ball.”

The investment was worth it when it transformed how I dealt with email. I immediately started getting more done, prioritizing more effectively, and stopped worrying about dropping the ball.

Matt Bailey

matt bailey

President, Integr8 Research

“I've been able to maintain it.”

I had a large inbox and communicated in multiple channels, which resulted in inefficiency. Now, I communicate on my terms without anxiety. Best of all, the process is so simple I've been able to maintain it.

malcolm alexander

malcolm alexander

Software Developer, SAS Institute

Were you hired for your lightning-quick email-checking? Stop inbox reactivity and work in your line of genius!


imagine having more time in your day to be fully present.

Would you love to hang out with your friends or family and not feel the pull of the electronic leash? You'll save time and gain peace of mind knowing that all your emails are organized and easily accessible. Imagine never having to frantically search for that important message again!

Inbox liberation is yours for just $995!

rescue your time just two sessions!

inbox habits assessment

Matching you with the perfect coach based on your needs.

video tutorials

Get the basics with Outlook and Gmail set-up tutorials.

expert deep dive

80-minute personalized coaching tailored to your needs and role.

3-step plan

Leave with three email behaviors that will free up your time.

success loop

Behavior reinforcement session to ensure your new habits stick.

“Focus on my work based on my priorities.”

“I've been doing well with OHIO – Only Handling It Once. It's made a difference and helps me focus on my work based on priorities and not based on my inbox.”

S.R. Research Epidemiologist

it takes 90 seconds to recover from a single email notification.

Notifications are like a punch to your attention. Did you know the average knowledge worker burns over 2.5 hours daily managing emails? That valuable time could be spent on things that really matter, like completing an important task, solving a problem, or rethinking a strategy. Or just diving into that book you've been wanting to read!

If your hourly rate is $38, this program will pay for itself in less than two weeks!

Get off the email dreadmill for just $995! 


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